San Pablo Catheral, San Pablo City, Laguna
(49) 562 0829
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AboutA home for the aged for the abandoned, sick and dying.
ClassNGO facility
AdmissionIndividuals who are sick, homeless and are unable to take care of themselves. 60 Years old and above, social case study report (from DSWD or social worker), medical records, chest x-ray and laboratory (cbc/ecg/gbs or rbs), admission is temporary (minimum of 2 weeks to 3 months), psychiatric evaluation, relative or barangay captain’s consent, recent picture
VolunteeringBe a volunteer, be Lingap Matua (LIMA) club member
DonationsIn cash or in kind: a.) medicines for hypertension, diarrhea, antibiotics, paracetamol, efficascent oil, omega pain reliever, vicks vaporub

Bath soap, alcohol, urax, lotion, cologne, shampoo, toothpaste

Lysol, mop head with handle, powder soap and bar soap d.) canned goods, cooking oil, sugar, milk, coffee, oatmeal, rice malagkit and frozen meat)
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Rated 5 out of 5
9 months ago

Thank you for your service. Much love.

Gee Ar

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  1. i will ask for an investigation regarding the sentiments of our lolos and lolas especially about the donations they recieved. they were not getting the donations. only the madres are in contoll of it. i will ask my cousin vice gov to look into this matter