National Highway, Barili, Philippines
(32) 254 6274 | (32) 253 8216 | (32) 260 2386
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AboutEstablished to provide free care and support for indigent invalids and incapacitated and helpless persons.
ClassNGO facility
RatesFree admission
SupportPoor and abandoned elderly
Admission60 years old and older, no communicable diseases and not receiving any pension
OthersAccommodates up to 100 people
Updated3 weeks ago
See AlsoI am a caregiver, I need a caregiver
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  1. It is not a government facility. It’s a private institution founded by Don Pedro Cui and his sister Doña Benigna Cui. A free of charge home care for indigent elderly.

  2. Greetings!
    I would like to ask who is the Center Head / Officer in Charge of the center. Anyway I am Intern Social Worker at Golden Reception Action Center for the Elderly and other Special cases.
    Thank you for your immediate response.

  3. Hello is it possible to visit your house for ghe elderly? I just want to make time to visit the elderly there. I have no relative there but I would really like to just meet the elderly people and spend a little bit of my time there. Is it okay? Or do you have a policy against outsiders visiting your home? Thank you!

  4. Hi gud day!

    I’m jensu from cebu city, i love to visit your institution there, i want to visit the elderly too..
    But i do not known where is it in Barili, i always come & go to the south, to Alegria, Ronda, etc.. it passes to cebu city but i do not see your hospicio, is it far away from the road or lungsod?
    Sasakyan pa yan ng motor when we go down from riding a ceres bus?

  5. I would like to know the procedure for admission of my 84-year-old father, into the facility. Is there somebody whom I could talk to regarding the details and other concerns?

    I tried calling the phone numbers listed above but could not get through. Is there any other number/s that I can call?

    Edgar R. Rodriguez

    1. Hello Edgar and thanks for reaching out. I just called Hospicio de San Jose at (32) 254 6274 and it’s working just fine. You may try to contact them again.