Guibuangan, Barili, Cebu
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AboutEstablished to provide free care and support for indigent invalids and incapacitated and helpless persons.
ClassNGO facility
RatesFree admission
SupportPoor and abandoned elderly
Admission60 years old and older, no communicable diseases and not receiving any pension
OthersAccommodates up to 100 people
Updated9 months ago
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  1. Good morning, Sir!
    My batchmates in Abellana National School have visited your home a few years back. We had lunch with the elderlies staying at your place at that time. We had a little program, sang song, danced and gave gifts to these people.
    I have a half sister in law who is 72 years old. She is my husband’s half sister. She is homeless as her live in partner died 3 years ago. Though, she has two children, married, and with children too, she is not in contact with them.
    I am 62 years old, my husband 66 years old. I find it hard that my half sister in law wants us to be supporting her, when my husband and I need to support ourselves.
    Is there a place in your home where my half sister in law can stay and be among people her age?
    Can you help me in my situation? What will I do so she can join your home?
    Thank you so much and more power and good health in this COVID time.

    Milagros del Socorro

  2. Dear Brethren,
    I just want to know your email address because I would like to know how and what is the procedures of sending a small donations, or who we can talk to?

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am 60 years old but still working. We hired helper since 4 years ago to take care of my 85 years old mother who is healthy based on her last Physical Exam last July 2018. But she is not active and would like to just keep on sitting and sleeping which is not good to her. Most of the reason why the helpers we hired could not stay longer because of the attitude of my mother which kept on sitting and sleeping while I want her to walk every morning. I am thinking of sending my mother to your facility and contribute to the Hospicio de San Jose de Barili on a monthly basis and then I and my wife will just visit her every month since I want to see her.

    May I ask if this possible even for just 5 years because I will be the one to take care of her once I am retired at 65 years old already? Hope this will be possible that you will accept my mother because if she is with your facility she will be in good hands based on the testimony of one elderly I have met in SM Cebu City sometime 5 years ago.

    If ever she will be in your facility we will be sharing to your facility whatever blessing to us aside from our regular monthly contribution.

    Thank you so much.

    Truly yours,

    Carlito Impas
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