Bishop Bienvenido Tudtud Home for the Aged
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Barangay Canaway, Tibanga, Iligan City
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Hello, ano po ba ang hanap nyo dito?

Julie Daven
Julie Daven

Hello Sisters and Brothers in christ,

I am Julie Daven and i am very interested to know more about your works in this old home.I send money to my sister last time to buy some daily needs to support your house to give daily needs to these older people can’t support themselves anymore.
Please,i will be very happy if you can send me the proper address of this home for the aged and the phone number.Who is incharge to this home? I am very thankful if you can send me more information maybe i can help a little too.I am living here in abroad and i will be visiting to my mother’s home in Manticao,Misamis Oriental this coming november.Wishing to visit the older ones too.
Thank you so much and God will abide us for everything.

With all my heart:

Julie Daven