I am not fond of instant noodles but Nissin Ramen Seafood has changed my mind and I am going to tell you why and how.

My mom bought a pack of Nissin Ramen Seafood last week. Her “kumare” went to the grocery store with her and recommended it.  It’s actually our first time to try it. And guess what? We were really impressed! In fact, we just bought a few more packs this week.

What we like about Nissin Ramen Seafood is its authentic seafood taste. It is a little spicy but not salty. I think what makes it so tasty is its teeny-weeny scrambled egg and crab meat slices. I have not seen these with other instant noodles. They make my ramen experience real like I am eating at a ramen restaurant. From its noodles to its soup, it has a tasty boost of seafood!

Another thing I like about Nissin Ramen Seafood is its firm noodles. Its noodles do not become too squashy even if I overcook them. They are flat like cup noodles but are not “rubberized.” They are easy to chew unlike some noodles.

I also like Nissin Ramen Seafood’s smell. It does not smell like other noodles when I cook it. It is like I am cooking another dish. My mom did not even have a clue what I was preparing when I first cooked it. This is advantageous since people in the neighborhood will not be able to know when we cook instant ramen for breakfast or snacks. Its delicious smell does not diffuse as much as other noodles do.

Nissin Ramen Seafood is affordable. It just costs less than 10 Php. Imagine a bowl of delicious ramen for some coins. It is also good for people who are ill and barely have an appetite to eat. It can make your tummy full and happy!

I am pretty sure anyone will like Nissin Ramen Seafood including picky eaters. It has two other flavors that you can try namely, chicken and beef. I wish it had a vegetable flavor too.

Nissin Ramen is not a typical noodle in a pouch pack with a dull taste. Once you try it, you will always crave it!

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