Do you want to satisfy your pasta cravings but you are too busy to cook some? Well, I have a very good news for you! I know some instant spaghetti that you will surely like and crave for life. It is called Nissin Pasta Express!

I am a spaghetti lover and I know how a great spaghetti tastes like. Nissin Pasta Express is the only instant spaghetti that has passed my picky standards. Actually, I do not patronize instant noodles or pasta but this one is an exception. What is so special about it? Let me tell you.

Nissin Pasta Express tastes like real spaghetti. It comes in two flavors namely, Creamy Carbonara and Sweet Filipino Style. I like them both and I cannot distinguish which one is better. Each has its own unique taste that is irresistibly delicious. The Creamy Carbonara is really creamy and milky. I can taste the blend of cream, beef, and mushroom. The Sweet Filipino Style is fairly sweet and cheesy. Its sauce is not “too commercial” and not just any ketchup, unlike other instant pasta.

Nissin Pasta Express is very affordable. I think it is more affordable than other instant spaghetti. I bought my creamy carbonara for only 7.65 Php. See it’s cheaper than instant noodles yet it tastes better! It has more condiments. They are not just salt and sugar. I especially like their meat-like bits.

Everyone in my family loves Nissin Pasta Express. It is one of our favorite snacks despite the fact that we are not so fond of instant foodstuff. We never forget to buy some when we go to the grocery store. I usually have it as my breakfast when I am in a hurry and have no time to cook. It makes me full and satisfies my pasta cravings. I really love its taste! To me, it is not an ordinary pasta though it is only an instant one.

I think the only downside Nissin Pasta Express has is its pasta is a little soggy despite being cooked according to its cooking instructions. Nevertheless, its taste is 100 percent spaghetti-like. I give it a 9/10 rating. I will not trade it for any instant spaghetti.

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