One of the things I don’t leave the house without is face powder. I actually check my purse before I leave the house just to make sure I have it with me. Every few hours, I make sure to reapply powder on my face just to give my skin that fresh look.

My latest discovery from the cosmetics department is NICHIDO-Two Way Cake. It is a face powder and foundation in one. If you’re going for a stronger coverage, you can wet the sponge with water. This helps the powder to set on your face. If you prefer a lighter matte finish, just leave the sponge dry.

NICHIDO-Two Way Cake costs Php 150.00 which makes this product very affordable, considering that you can use it both as a foundation and as a face powder. Be careful though, if you’re planning to buy this cosmetic, this face powder tends to be on the lighter side. It’s best if you can actually ask a salesperson if they have a sample so you can dab some on your wrist to see which shade blends with your complexion.

The most important consideration for me when I’m trying new cosmetics is that it doesn’t irritate my skin. This face powder doesn’t clog my pores. I didn’t get any new pimples after using it for a few days, so this product gets my thumbs up. I appreciate that this face powder doesn’t have an overwhelming powdery scent. Heavily scented cosmetics, I find irritating.

I like this face powder comes in a sassy little case, it’s plain white and is in the shape of a square. There’s a separate compartment for the sponge, and the mirror inside is slightly bigger than the average round shaped face powder.

The downside to NICHIDO-Two Way Cake face powder is it provides you with a thicker application than most regular face powders. So if you have very little blush on and reapply another layer of powder, the heaviness of this face powder wipes the blush right out of your face. I make sure too, that I don’t dab too much of it on my face because then, it gives you that Kabuki look. Just don’t apply this face powder on your face too heavily and you should be fine. And make sure that you don’t leave it at home, when you’re going out on gimmick nights!

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