I have been using this product for five straight years now. I have an oily complexion with a few breakouts during my monthly cycle and I am happy with how this product has helped control these breakouts.

The Product
Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is a facial wash that comes in 150 ml pump bottles. It contains salicylic acid. This mild acid penetrates pores that are plugged with sebum and helps exfoliate the dead skin cells inside the pores.


  • Widely available. You can easily find it in Watsons and the face or beauty sections of major department stores and supermarkets.
  • Affordable. It costs around PhP 294.00 in Watsons and the beauty section of SM Department Stores.
  • A little goes a long way. You only need a small amount to wash your face, neck and ear area.
  • Controls breakouts.┬áI haven’t had any major breakouts in years but when I do feel bumps starting to form under my skin, I dab a small amount on it and leave it overnight. By morning, the bump has subsided.
  • Works on back acne (backne). If you sweat a lot and sit around a lot, you may find breakouts on your back and buttocks. It is just as effective in these areas.
  • Washes off makeup. You can put a small amount on a cotton ball to easily remove eye makeup. Dab it on your face and bring to lather before using a cotton ball to remove foundation and blush.
  • Mild Odor. It has a mild odor but no cloying or unpleasant smell.
  • Trusted Brand. It is from a trusted and well known brand in skin care.


  • ┬áNot handy. The pump bottle is messy and impractical to bring along in your vanity kit or overnight bag. You could fill a small container (like an empty eye cream sampler) to bring it along.
  • Irritates the eyes. This product can really sting. I suffered from red, itchy and irritated eyes the whole day after getting it in my eyes for two consecutive washes.
  • Some dryness and tightness. Since salicylic acid facilitates exfoliation, some dryness and peeling will occur. Use only the right amount to work up lather and rinse thoroughly. If the weather is cool or you are always in an air conditioned environment, use an oil free facial moisturizer.

My Recommendation

Over all, I am happy with this product and I recommended it for individuals with oily skin and those with mild acne.

Image Credit: dressnmakeup.blogspot.com

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