Following the string of cold, gloomy mornings my boyfriend and I were more than lazy bums inside the comforts of our home and kept from getting our daily coffee fix. It was a relief that we had sachets of Nescafé Frappé Choco ‘N Mallows in the storage.

The new Nescafé variant basically claims to being powdered frappé mix in a sachet that goes with a pack of tiny white marshmallows toppings. Simply mix it with cold water and add ice (optional), and somehow you’ve recreated Starbucks’ famed frappucino.

For starters, this one is a coffee mix and is not to be mistaken as a non-caffeinated chocolate drink. Taste-wise, it is similar to Nescafé’s 3-in-1 mix with a slightly creamier kick. It smells really good, too. The added marshmallows makes the drink more playful and adds a bit of sweetness to it. Somehow it was made to resemble a coffee version of the Swiss Miss Classic Marshmallows variant.

But perhaps I raised my expectations too high for this product but after seeing the word “frappé” on the label. Although the powder is easily dissolved, the texture of the mixed product didn’t fit the standard description for “frappé”. It wasn’t as foamy as expected and even the slightest sheet of froth didn’t appear. My boyfriend and I tried mixing and shaking it in different ways so as to miraculously create that effect, but to no avail. It does great as a simple iced coffee drink, but not with the promise of being a “frappé”, which is a different kind of coffee drink altogether. It also lacked the chocolate-y goodness it advertised.

Although it tastes good enough for an instant coffee, this wouldn’t be the best pick if you’re looking for something different. The product costs PhP 10 so if you’re on a tighter budget, it’d be advisable for you to just purchase the regular 3-in-1 coffee mix, add ice cold water and still achieve the same taste this product offers, but at a cheaper price. Nescafé Frappé Choco ‘N Mallows isn’t really that bad, but since the Frappé line is still fairly new I’d say it still has room for improvement. On a brighter note, I wonder if the Cookies ‘M Cream variant fares any better.

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