After searching for the perfect planner for the longest time, the Navi planner and I finally met! I found it in a pile of depressingly ordinary-looking organizers in a bookstore. When I turned the hard cover and inspected the pages, I was amazed at how much this planner seemed to be customized for me.

Filled with neatly-printed pages, the Navi planner is a hard-bound planner that has rustic mahogany -colored cover. At the bottom right are the words navi 2013, your life navigator. On the right side is vertical garter belt that keeps it closed and attached to the spine of the book is a gold ribbon which acts as a bookmark. These are the tiny details that make this book so special. You will find beautiful cream and taupe-colored pages inside and on some of the pages are lightly-printed images of inspirational things like a castle, a waterfall and a coffee mug. This planner looks sleek and professional. There are no messy springs and plastic covers. You can carry it around anywhere you go and write on it.

Plus, the Navi planner is more than just a planner. It’s filled with fun tidbits like quotes and writings about travelling, but even if you are not a traveler and simply one who is going for your aspirations in life, this planner will suit you too. One of my most favorite things about this planner is that it gives you a lot of room to write not just your daily schedule on but whatever you feel like writing. I also quite enjoyed filling up the ‘bucket list’ page. Moreover, this planner comes with loads of discount coupons that you can use in establishments like Jellybean and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Yay, free coffee!).

The downside is- it could be a bit pushy for a notebook. The writings on this planner are like a bossy Life Coach constantly making you do a personal retrospective, but I imagine this could be beneficial for someone who is absorbed with his work and could use a reminder of what his true passions are. Also, at around PhP 500.00, it is a bit on the pricey side, however, it’s something you’ll use for an entire year. Considering that, I think it’s totally practical to shell out that kind of money for a planner.

To be honest, I fell in love with two planners, I was torn between the Navi planner and the Belle De Jour Planner. Made by the same company, these 2 planners are the cream of the crop. They’re quite similar in features but in the end I chose the Navi planner because of its inconspicuous appearance and beautiful pages. Next year, I’m going for the Belle De Jour Planner and I don’t care if it screams girly!

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