If you love reading mystery novels or watching detective movies, you’ll definitely enjoy Mystery Manila. It’s a reality game where you can play as Sherlock Holmes and solve your own case.

I first got wind of this activity through a friend’s blog and I asked my friend to go with me so we could try it out at Century Mall. Most of the groups who were playing at the venue were teenagers. The energy of the place was fun and exciting.

Each room is designed based on a particular theme.  My friend and I ended up picking the Pym Particle mystery which was taken from the Marvel comics, The Ant-Man. Our goal was to look for clues that would lead us to solve the mystery of the Pym Particle before it destroys the entire world.

We were given an hour to complete all tasks. The instructions led from one clue to another until we finally unlocked the final sign that will help solve the case. The challenge of the game is we had to escape before the time runs out.

In case you aren’t able to figure out the answer to your clue, you can ask the Mystery Manila staff who’s presiding over the room for help. They will give you the answer so that you can proceed to the next clue. However, every time you ask for help, a couple of minutes will be added to your time.

To be honest, it was a tough game to play especially since there were only two of us. Technically, we only had two brains to work with. We ended up adding 15 minutes to our time because we needed help a couple of times. Without outside help, we wouldn’t have been able to solve the mystery.

However, despite the extra help we got, we definitely had fun. The game is challenging and exciting. It’s a great venue for team building activities or for people who just want to exercise their brain.

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