I discovered Star City when a co-worker treated the entire team at work to this theme park. I must admit, I wasn’t too excited. It was a park with kiddie rides, I thought, but the moment I stepped inside Star City, my friend and I started running eagerly towards the nearest roller coaster like two clowns. It was embarrassing.

I learned that the admission fee was PhP 60.00 per person (adult), excluding the costs of rides and attractions. You can avail of the Ride-All-You-Can (RAYC) option for PhP 400.00 per person but to get your money’s worth, make sure you have the time for all the rides available. Now, even though it’s called ‘Ride-All-You-Can’, there are restrictions. You have to pay extra for attractions such as ‘Snow World’ among others. You can buy tickets ahead of time at TicketWorld and SM Tickets.

The rides I tried were okay. I particularly enjoyed the “Viking”. This ship-like vessel moves back and forth like a pendulum and the longer it gets, the higher and faster it swings. Each ride seats many people so all my friends and I were able to get on at the same time. More than the ride itself, I enjoyed seeing my workmates look so terrified. The expression on my boss’ face was particularly hilarious.

As for roller coasters, ‘Jungle splash’ is a fun ride. This ride consists of log boats that go through a not so mild descent into watery realms. Hint- a spare shirt is not a bad idea to bring with you when you visit this park. Now, the ‘Jumping Star’ is a roller coaster ride that’s not for the faint of heart. This one goes through a slow, nerve-racking ascent and then, a steep drop, perfect for thrill-seekers. After a heart-attack inducing plunge, you will feel absolutely alive.

My favorite attraction is ‘Snow World’ though. It’s a wintry chamber resembling a freezer filled with magical ice sculptures. Naturally, it was frosty in there. I like this attraction because it allows you to experience winter in the Philippines. Take note, the admission fee, alone, doesn’t cover the costs of these rides and attractions. ‘Snow World’ costs PhP 130.00 bucks per person. Jackets are provided.

Later, we had a feast in the food court. They had different kinds of food from different food joints which was essential for a large party who could never agree on one thing. It is imperative to bring extra cash when visiting Star City. Aside from the rides and attractions, there are arcade games and bazaars to shop in.

All in all, Star City was fun but it was kind of small and crowded. There was nothing really enchanting about the surroundings. Disneyland, it was not. Star City lacked the sense of grandeur that I expect in a theme park. Some of the attractions, especially the horror-themed ones were corny. However, the rides were lots of fun and Star City makes you feel like a kid again.

Image courtesy: starcity.com.ph

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  1. Ma dessepsion est surtout au resto du star city. 24$ pour un hot dog !!! Le pain tellement mou et humide ne tenais pas ce qu il contenait impossible de le manger. Le comptoir des condiments étais presque vide. C est rire du monde Franchement juste pour ça c est ma derniere visite la.

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