Doesn’t have the money to go to Singapore to see Merlion and taste Singaporean foods just yet? You might want to go and eat in My Singapore Food Street while you’re still saving up for that ultimate Singapore trip!

In our usual confused state on where to eat at the huge SM Megamall, one time, I and my boyfriend, were already so hungry after walking back and forth just deciding where to eat. The restaurant is located in SM Megamall’s second floor, just along the bridgeway. Since we stopped just outside this restaurant, we just went in there because we were really hungry already and since we realized that we haven’t tried eating there yet. Their attractive mini-Merlion reproduction was calling me in as well. It’s not really “mini” though.

It’s quite unexpected that you have to line up so you can order just like in fast foods. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s like that in Singapore and they just adapted that culture. Surprisingly, the prices are very cost effective. I thought it’s quite a pricey restaurant because it really gives off that vibe. With the Merlion, the fashionable seating, and the over-all stylish set-up, the ambiance is really nice. We were seated quite comfortably.

We ordered their signature meals which are the Hainanese Chicken Meal and the Roast Style Chicken Meal. Hainanese is chicken steamed in garlic, ginger, and spices. Maybe it’s just me, but the taste was a bit confusing. I don’t even know how to describe it. I was excited to try it because I really love spices. I was expecting that the spices will really put enough flavor to it, but it was not savory at all. It was lacking, it was bland. The Roast Style is chicken marinated in spices, moisten in red and white vinegar, then fried in vegetable oil. This one has a more refined taste to it than the former. It’s just that it won’t really stand out when compared to other restaurants with signature Chicken meals offered.

My eating experience at My Singapore Food Street was just a so-so. I guess I expected too much upon feeling the mood of the stylish place, or maybe Singaporean food is just not really for my tongue. I’m not giving up yet on this restaurant though, I’ll try other dishes on their menu, who knows, I might find something that is pleasing to my sense of taste! It’s not bad to try it on your own since their prices are really affordable, and you’re palate might just want something different from mine!

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