I decided to go for another Lumia phone for my birthday. I had my eyes on Nokia Lumia 535, but due to heavy reviews of touchscreen problems, I had put it aside. Without further knowledge about any model, I went to a mall and noticed Nokia XL. Definitely, it is not a Lumia, but still a Nokia phone. I asked the representative if I could test the phone and they let me. When I first held it, I could not contain my laughter as it fits my big hand! Its matte back cover was tickling my skin and it felt so silky. I remember the eyes turning to me because I caught their attention. I could not blame myself as I truly sounded like a kid receiving his first Christmas gift.

I bought it the same day and went home for further check. The first thing I tested was the Messaging system of the phone—since I only use phones for ‘office’ purposes. I did not like the word suggestions and messy keyboard—symbols in the upper right corner—because it was annoying and I get dizzy with these types. On the other hand, it took almost half of the screen, so my bear fingers can touch a key without getting mixed with the others.

The ‘Fastlane’, where all your notifications can be seen, is a fresh idea and a big help to me. I can get back with all my missed notices with ease. I checked the camera and it was quite good. The rear camera was clear, but looked ‘sharpened’ even with the original setting. The front camera looked like there was a fog in it. Though I am not fazed by these as I do not often use this feature.

I almost went mad when I did not see any Office Suite application. I had to install it, first! Although I know that the operating system is from Android, they could have, at least, put a Word Office in it since it already has OneDrive and OneNote in it. The email setting was a pain-in-the-head, as well. Unlike my Lumia 610, the syncing in Nokia XL took almost a minute to load. With a very impatient person like me, this is a very bad setting.

It seems like Nokia XL has a focus with social media as every pre-installed social networking applications work perfectly! News feeds, images, and videos load quite fast and without any lag. The 5-inch screen is a major plus with these applications. It’s like, I have a tablet!

For every phone there are cons and pros, but if we always compare and seek for what is best, we can never get the right phone for us. That is what I have learned with my Nokia XL. Officially a month now, I have grown to love my Nokia XL. Maybe it is not as perfect as how it looks like, but it sure as handy and comfy as how I want my phone to be.

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