There are many ways people’s credit card get scammed. This is one of them, and this is my personal experience. I’m not going to go in detail as to what happened but here are the key highlights how it transpired.

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  • For some reasons, they got hold of the phone number I registered in my online credit card application. This “girl” started calling me for a solid 1 month, says she’s from BPI who will assist me of waving the annual fee, etc.
  • It took BPI one (1) month to activate my card, so in retrospect I was being saved from an early budol-budol
  • Two (2) hours after my card activation, this girl called me up again, so imagine my thinking that she’s really from BPI because she appears to know the progress (card activation). Small talks here and there, I ended up giving my credit card number, expiry date, CVV
  • I started doubting when the OTP PIN from Shopee arrived, she continues her bullshit talks, but I disconnected the call and called up BPI Customer Service to verify
  • Of course, it was impersonating BPI, so I immediately requested card blocking, and filed a dispute in Shopee. Overall, they scammed me 700.00 pesos

This “thing” took more than one (1) month of work from these guys, and I marvel their unwavering dedication to “follow up” and scam people’s money. Although it’s just a small amount but I feel so stupid by not catching their trick right away despite the fact that I’m very much expose to these kinds of activities. 

The thing to remember is that banks will never call us, we call them.  And when this “bank staff” started to ask for the card details, it’s a RED FLAG. Drop the call, call your bank immediately, have your card blocked, and ask for replacement right away. 

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