At first my wife discovered a colorful burger that is being served here in the Metro. We looked for the name of the restaurant and found out that it’s Mr. Swabergers. After that we got interested and visited their place here at A. Mabini Caloocan City. We are really impressed by their idea of using colored burger buns & customizing your own burger, which made us excited to visit the place. Furthermore, all I can say “the price was very affordable”.

Here is what we observed during our visit to the place. First, we saw a lot of customers going inside & out of their premises which is cool for me. The first thing which came to mind, Wow! they seem attracted a lot of customers. Actually, their place is quite small and the interior of the place was good.

We have noticed that there is a lot of people waiting to get there takeout order and few waiting the be serve on the dine-in. We order Mr. Swabe 4 Seasons of Cheesiness for 115.00 pesos (additional colored buns 5 pesos) and Mr. Swabe Bacon Mushroom Burger for 80 pesos (additional colored buns 5 pesos). If you want to add more stuff like patty, cheese and vegetable feel free or even create your own burger, as long as you’ll pay for it.

We are excited to taste the burger, however, it took us 30 minutes to wait the intriguing burger. Well, upon receiving our order, we ate the burger and it tastes good. In my observation they created their own burger-patty compared to other cheap burger stand. You can taste the juiciness of the burger-patty that blends to the taste of the cheese.

To help Mr. Swabergers to improve their services to their customers, here are the following list that needs a bit of improvements:

  • A good ventilation, I noticed that a smoke from the kitchen circulates in the whole restaurant and it sticks on our clothes and its very irritating to the eyes. In addition, the staffs are sweating and looking tired, maybe because of  not having a good ventilation inside the kitchen
  • Well supplied stocks, of course we are not going to order a burger only, especially if you are willing to try it for the first time. We also ordered something beside it (burger), what happened is that they ran out of soft drinks and french fries which  is not good. Lastly, at least  distilled water is available at that time
  • Serving time, it actually took 30 minutes for us to wait and receive our burgers. I think they need to speed up their cooking time so that customers will not be impatiently waiting to be served. If they think they couldn’t speed things up, they could at least have a T.V. so at least customers will be entertained while waiting
  • I also notice that, staffs are just standing by and waiting for the burger to be cooked and served. I think the best thing they can do is to clear the table promptly once a certain customer is done eating

Overall, it’s a very exciting experience to eat a colored burger and it tastes good!


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