Pregnant and craving? I found this fancy café while passing by F Otigas Jr Rd, Pasig City after breakfast at a nearby Korean Restaurant. I thought I should give it a try as I was itching for something sweet.

Inside was a cheerful staff who entertained me right away while I was checking on their pastries. She seemed to be familiar with all the ingredient as well as the taste. She would mention if it’s one of their Best Seller that if I had enough money I would try it all.

I had Mongo Bread and Mango Yogurt. The bread had much mongo filling that was just right to my appetite. The yogurt, as well, was served with fresh mango that I thought was nourishing and natural.

The ambiance of the place was really inviting. It was quiet with soft music and healthy food that I came back the next day with a friend who is as well expecting.

This time, I noticed that they also serve Bing-su , it’s the Korean version for Halo- halo. It labeled 180php each for Pat Bing-su. We were supposed to have separate orders, one for each of us, but the gentle staff informed us that one order is already good for two.

We had some few chats then finally the Bing-su was served. We were blown away at how huge a serving it was. It could be even eaten by four people.

It had fresh fruits like kiwi, water melon, banana and pineapple. Also, it was topped with two huge scoops of strawberry ice creams, it had corn flakes and sweetened red bean. It was just perfect for a health conscious, moms-to-be like us, as well as affordable.

We were not even able to finish it all that we had to take it out. So if you plan to order bing-su, bring a friend with you. My friend also bought cream puffs and sandwiches for her siblings that they too, fell in love with. They also sell cakes of different flavors that come with cute packages, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions, they also have pasta, breads and hot and cold drinks.