I have naturally fine, thin hair.  When I reached the age of thirty, my hair has become prone to hair fall.  Since then, I have become very choosy when it comes to products that I put in my hair, especially shampoos.

I have tried various shampoos which claim to contain anti-hair fall formula or prevent hair fall but I often ended up frustrated after days of use.  They cannot keep up with the promise.  Hair fall is still there especially when I am taking a bath or combing my wet hair.

Then my friend suggested Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo with Argan Oil.  She said that she and her daughter has been using the product and has proven it effective.  I look for it the next time I went to the supermarket.  It costs a little higher than other regular shampoos in the shelf.  I bought it with high hopes that it will keep its promise – no more hair fall.

Just like other shampoos, I apply Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo on my wet hair, massage it in my scalp, then to the hair strands and rinse hair very well.  It leaves a fresh, delicate scent that stays smelling good throughout the day.  My hair doesn’t only smells clean, it also feels clean.

My hair is darker and softer. It is tangle-free and it does not dry.  It is non-irritating and doesn’t cause dandruff.  This is good for child and adult.  It may not totally eliminates hair fall but I can see fewer hair strands in the drain when I am taking a bath and even in my comb.

It is contained in plastic bottles with flip top cap.  The 200 ml bottle costs P180.  The product is also available in 200 ml and 300 ml bottle.  You can also use Moringa-O2 Herbal Conditioner  for better result.