I believe most girls will agree with me if I say that curled hair is one of the most stylish and prettiest hairstyles you can get. Those big curls that lasts all day, it’s nothing but a frustration for me. I personally have been straightening my hair by getting rebond treatments at least once a year. But having your hair treated this way sometimes can be very costly and impractical. It is hard to maintain and you get less options on styling your hair.

Sometimes you wanna go the extra mile and style your hair with curls, which I also like to do with mine sometimes. However, most often than not the curls won’t last the whole day. This is very sad especially when you are out and about. Regular curling with the use of curling iron or curlers can be tough and time consuming. So, have you heard about Monea? It’s a curl defining hair lotion that may help with your hairstyling needs. It comes in a plastic bottle, costing just a little over a Php 100. It can be mistaken for a bottle of milk because of how the bottle looks like, and it actually says milk on the label.

The consistency of the actual lotion is a little thick, almost like a cream moisturizer and the scent is very nice. It is very easy to use, You use it on damp hair, just apply it like a leave-on moisturizer, put on your curlers or simply bind you hair to a bun and after about an hour or two, voila! Your hair is now curled, and expect the curls to stay the whole day. When I first used it I was worried that my hair would turn out oily and sticky but it wasn’t. I had a wet-look like hair but it was not heavy at all. My hair smelled really great as well. It was not the same as the hair spray or styling creams which catch a lot of dirt and is hard to wash off. The lotion was very easy to wash off my hair, Normally I have to wash my hair at least twice with shampoo before I get all of it out from my scalp but with this I just need to shampoo my hair once.

I think this product is great for most women like myself who would like their hair curled for just a day and wants to have the option available to style their hair differently each time. In the first place perming you hair permanently may be hassle only because it’s hard to iron out your hair straight. This product is very gentle so you won’t expect your hair to be stressed out. It’s a locally made product but it actually got praises from Cosmo. You will see the info on the label. I believe the award that this product got is enough to prove that it does wonders, but try it for yourself too!

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