We usually crave sweets after eating our lunch or dinner.  We need some desserts to complete our meal and make us really full. But sometimes we just go without them due to high cost or lack of time to prepare one. Well, I have found something that will solve this dilemma. And thanks to Monde for this new dessert bar!

Monde Dessert Bar is so far the best piece of cake I have ever tasted. It tastes like real cake. It comes in two varieties: caramel and brownies.  I cannot distinguish which of these two is more delectable. Both are tantalizingly delicious and appealing. They have their own tempting sweetness and taste. The caramel dessert bar really tastes like caramel. I like its caramel crunch toppings. They are so creamy. The brownie bar tastes like genuine chocolate and I especially like its bits of butterscotch. They are so buttery.

What I like about these new delights of Monde Nissin is they are smooth and compact. They are not like other cake bars that look and taste like sponge and do not have a satisfying effect on the tummy. They satisfy my taste buds. My hunger easily subsides with just one bar. I can say that they are really freshly-baked. I can taste the egg and milk. I usually eat one after lunch and dinner when I run out of desserts. I also bring one with me as my snack when I go out or travel. My mom does the same and she also likes it. We always have some in our refrigerator.

Monde Dessert Bar is very affordable. A box of it just costs 71 pesos and contains 6 bars. I wish it had more varieties or mixed varieties in one box. I am thinking to buy a couple of boxes as Christmas gifts to some of my students and tutees this year.  I think it is a nice gift for children. And take note gentlemen: you can also give it to your girlfriends.

I will never trade Monde Dessert Bar for any commercial cake bar. It is one of the best Monde Nissin products that I have ever tried. I am pretty sure you will like it too!

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