Do you want something new for your snack or breakfast? Give Monde Belgian Waffle a try!

I first bought and tasted this Monde Belgian Waffle a week ago. It was actually introduced by my mother’s friend who manages a school canteen. I got tired of the usual bread and biscuits so I decided to try this special waffle. And guess what? I found what I was looking for in a waffle!

What I really like about this Monde Belgian Waffle is its fluffiness. It is super soft, smooth and light like a cotton ball inside and so scrumptious! It is like I am eating a marshmallow with its softness. I love eating it with a cup of coffee in the morning when I have no time to cook and I can say that it complements my coffee well. I usually take one with me whenever I go out of the house.  It is my favorite snack! My mom and bro like it too.

Another thing I like about Monde Belgian Waffle is it has the right sweetness. I can taste its milk and smell its vanilla-like scent right after I open its pouch. I think I can eat the whole pack (i.e., 5 waffles) in just a day. It is something that I will never get tired of eating. As a matter of fact, it is also the favorite snack of most teachers and students in the school where my mother’s mate works. They always ask for it during their breaktime.

Aside from its great taste, it has an appealing packing too. You can serve Monde Belgian Waffle to your visitors without getting embarrassed. You can serve it on a plate too. Now we have an alternative to cupcakes and cookies.

Monde Belgian Waffle comes in two varieties: classic and cinnamon. I wish it had more flavors. I like both and I cannot distinguish which is tastier for they are equally delicious. A pack of Monde Classic is worth 57 Php while Monde Cinnamon is just 2 pesos more expensive. Each pack has five pieces of waffles that you will surely like and crave every day. So it is like 11 – 12 Php per piece.

Monde waffle tastes like true Belgian waffle. Imagine you can have one without spending a lot and going to expensive bakeries. You cannot ask for more with Monde Belgian Waffle!

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