As a working mom, I badly need something that will remind me of everything I need to do for the whole day. Though I have a routine and almost every day looks like the same, I still forget a few things (e.g. a project for one of my clients at oDesk, an article I need to rewrite for the other one, and sometimes my plans to organize the closet). And with all these things going on in my life right now, I’m thankful that planners are invented. Mine is from Mommy Mundo, a planner designed for moms, by moms.

I got mine at P395 from Mommy Mundo’s website. Actually I didn’t get it right when 2015 started. My original planner was a grey one from National Bookstore. I eventually got rid of the very small spaces for the daily tasks so I decided to get a new one. There are two payment options at Mommy Mundo: pay through PayPal or BPI. I have both, but PayPal is more convenient since all I have to do is log in to my account and secure checkout. If I choose BPI, I will have to deposit to the bank or send the money using the BPI app. But because that will take so much time, I go for PayPal. It arrived to me two days later.

So what do I like about Mommy Mundo 2015 planner? The pastel colors on the hardbound cover is impressive. I like chevron prints and I couldn’t take my eyes away from this planner. Then the perks at the last part also helps. It also has a record section good for three kids. There you can take note of their immunization dates and health records. It has a bookmark, though I think a ribbon will be fine. It also has quotations from moms, most of them from celebrity moms. I like that it has a monthly view and to-do section for home and work. If you are fond of shopping, you can take advantage of the discount coupons at the back.

Now, what I least like about this planner is that it does not have extra pages for notes. Needless to say, I’m fond of writing and I need extra pages for all my rough drafts. You know, when a good idea comes I need a space to jot it down so I will remember it later on. With this, I’ll just use my old planner as my “think pad”. It’s better if the planner also have a pocket for receipts and bills.

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