It took me some time to get the idea carrying all my gadgets (I mean iPad, laptop and phones) in a single bag. I am the type of person that would rather leave everything at home and only bring my normal size mobile phone and wallet. Nowadays, there are several ways to stay connected from phones to tablets even wrist watches.

The demand for technology relatively brings profit to accessory businesses for mobile devices. These are not limited to cases, external flash, monopods, etc. most of these accessories are not only fashionable but also useful. It came to a point wherein it has become part of our daily lives.

I heard about these external battery packs or power banks, and it never interest me until the day came. I will be travelling for a few days for work reasons and requires me to log around with these devices. While waiting for my flight at the airport my phone’s battery died. There were available electrical outlets around, but all were being used. I had this rude awakening that I need a power bank. As soon as I reached my destination, I went straight to the mall and shop around power banks.

To my surprise, these external battery packs come in different sizes, shapes and most importantly milliamp hours. The milliamp hours or I would define the charging capacity of the battery. The one that caught my attention was the iPower Milk. I must say its unique, light, compact, and it stores 2600 mAH ( enough for a full charge) for my phone.

iPower Milk from Momax comes in various colors- blue, pink, white, etc. It comes in a neat packaging and very straight forward. Expect 3 items from the box, one milk carton design (external battery pack), one micro USB and one instruction manual. It is not your typical power bank it looks like a miniature of a milk carton with the lid and all. iPower Milk is for emergency purposes only (it is just for you to get by without a drained phone) it has a single USB and one full charge (data plan, WiFi or hotspots are off) while others have multiple USB slots and can charge up to 3 devices.

It retails for Php 1,250.00, which is a bit pricey for the specs, I guess you are paying for the cuteness. Well, if you are thirsty for quirkiness and not much of a power bank user. This milk is definitely for you.

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