Mogu Mogu Mango Juice with Nata de Coco is fun to drink. Unlike other regular juice drinks, this one has nata de coco (coconut jelly bits), so you have something to chew on while savoring the flavor of the juice.

Mogu Mogu Mango Juice (320 ml) costs around PhP 27.50 at the local supermarket. As advertised on the bottle, this juice contains 25% Nata de Coco, so you get a mouthful of the coconut jelly bits with every drink, and don’t have to wait to finish half of the bottle to start chewing.

What is delightful about the mango flavored Mogu Mogu is that it doesn’t taste artificial. It offers you the taste of real mangoes, including that hint of tanginess which I love. This juice is not too sweet, it’s just right. I absolutely hate it when juices contain too much sweetener and end up tasting like syrup. It doesn’t refresh you, but instead gives you an unnecessary sugar rush and leaves an icky taste in your mouth. Mogu Mogu mango juice is not like this at all. Also, the Nata de Coco bits absorb the flavor of the juice so it doesn’t leave you with any kind of strange after taste.

Mogu Mogu juice comes in a variety of flavors, among them are: lychee, grape, strawberry, orange, pineapple. Their line-up of flavors is ever increasing, but mango remains my favorite. This juice is best served chilled. But you can also drink it warm. It still tastes quite good.

This juice drink is also available at most convenience stores, so when you’re at work, and get a sudden craving, you can still get your Mogu Mogu fix by paying a visit to your nearby 7-Eleven or Ministop.

Mogu Mogu also comes in one liter size, but the trouble is whenever I go to my local supermarket, they never have the flavors that I want.

Simply put, I love Mogu Mogu Mango Juice with Nata de Coco. I’ve never felt this way about any juice drink before. This beverage is such a treat and somewhat addicting. I know this might sound a bit excessive, but seriously, if you’ve never had this juice drink, just try it once. Preferably buy the mango flavor and you will understand what the Mogu Mogu craze is all about.

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