The first time I stumbled upon this liquid laundry detergent was when I was buying a carrier for my baby in a baby store. I didn’t have plans on buying some detergent since I already stored soaps at home. However, the smell was, how would I say it, euphoric. I was thrilled and I thought to myself, “I want my little girl to smell like that.” Additionally, when I read the words “natural” and “contains no harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances,” I was convinced and off I went to the cashier.

Messy Baby is probably a brand you haven’t heard of. Neither have I. But I took my chances and tried the product. The directions were simple and short. There’s an option to use the washing machine, but I prefer hand-washing my baby’s laundry. Just two tablespoons yet the fragrance is overwhelming. I always enjoyed doing laundry when I use this liquid detergent. It doesn’t hurt my nose and it smells wonderful.

Of course, the overwhelming smell doesn’t stay after the clothes are dried, but the mild aroma is perfect for my daughter. She doesn’t smell like she’s been bathed with perfume. Instead, she smells like a baby ready to be cuddled and kissed. Even the household members agree that she smells great.

I bought a liter of it and it lasted for two months! You have to understand that when it comes to babies, you have a lot of washing to do. Every week, I have piles of dirtied cloth diapers, stained clothes and burp clothes drenched with spit-ups and drool. When I use soap, the soap only lasts after two to three days. But with Messy Baby liquid detergent, I can wash a pile of clothes with just two tablespoons. Well, there are times when I have to use more when I’m dealing with poop stains.

It’s an amazing product if you ask me. However, I warn you to follow the instructions indicated carefully. There was this time when I did not rinse the laundry, thinking that the smell will be stronger. It was a horrible idea, I know. Laundry Basics 101 taught us to always rinse. The smell was revolting after the clothes dried. I had to wash them again, and this time, I rinsed.

I recommend Messy Baby because it’s environment-friendly, mild to the skin and smells euphoric. But if you’re seeking for something that easily removes stains, this laundry detergent may not be your best choice.

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