Meralco Electric E-Bill Review

I have had all my bill payments handled electronically since 2011 because I dislike waiting in long queues and what I dislike even more is getting away from more important tasks and wasting precious time. An office mate introduced the BPI Express Online website to me a few years back and I couldn’t be happier. I have been using┬áBPI Express Online in paying the utility bills (that includes our bills for Sky Cable/Broadband, Manila Water, and Meralco). This has been very helpful in getting back the time spent in long lines at the bank and payment centers (which sometimes takes hours). I could say that life is much easier and late payments are definitely avoided because of this.

On top of this online banking/payment system, I have also discovered another convenient way to handle our electric bill. This is through the Meralco E-Bill.

With this online access to our bill, managing bills and payments are a breeze. We can also get our Meralco bill ahead of time, via the Meralco’s Customer Management System website or via personal email. The bill usually arrives in my inbox a few days earlier than the usual date of delivery of our paper bill. No more waiting for the postman to deliver our bill (which sometimes unavoidably wanders in other floors in our building).

With Meralco’s Customer Management System website, all you need to do is log in and you can see your billing history, monthly consumption and payment options. There’s also an option to print your electric bill just in case it gets lost or you need a copy of your billing statement.

How is this different from all those online payment options that are already available? Well, you’ll be doing your payment transactions straight from the Meralco website. And if you don’t want to utilize their payment channels, you can always stick to your online banking transactions and just use the website in handling bill-specific information. Information that could help you save time, electricity and money.

Online access to your bill also helps in making that conscious effort to save on electricity. Studying your consumption pattern translates to saving money, too!

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  1. Mam sir wala po kaming kuryente dito sa brgy dita liliw laguna corhowsing pa check naman po wala po kaming kuryente kahapon pa

  2. how can we check our payments made way back 2011? for record purposes as needed to update

  3. I am here in Seattle, Wa USA, and I have a condo unit in BGC. We left the unit
    Locked and secured (all electrical app unplug) last October 5, 2017. How can we
    Be charged for electricity for November, December & January 2018 if the unit is vacant? I am willing to give further details (ie service I’d no. And address) on a
    More secure venue.
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