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  1. I am an old patient of UST OPD. My last consultation was Dec. 2019 with Dr. Almazora and issued my request for blood chem test before end of June 2020. Lockdown came and was not able to return to OPD but I had my chem tests results. I was advised by my niece ( a nurse) to just continue taking my maintenance while on lockdown. Months passed but was not able to go there for risk reasons. Until 2 weeks ago I got cough and running nose. My niece referred my case Benzydomine spray every 4hrs, Berocca 1 tablet a day. I feel better now only Berocca remains until all will be take. My concern now is the vaccine for covid. I’m 63 already last Jan. and my type 2 diabetis is controlled. My last lab tests dated June 20, 2020. I want to have a request for laboratory but OPD is closed again. Can I have it online? Tell me how please.
    Thank you so much!
    Maria Theresa A. Albano

  2. Ask ko lang po kung paano magpa check up sa opd derma? Need ba ng appointment or walk-in lang?