The Department of Health (DOH) urges the public to be vigilant and watch out for warning signs of suicide as it is a preventable tragedy. Offering help and support to individuals facing a crisis can make a significant difference.

What are some of the warning signs of suicide mentioned by the DOH?

  • The warning signs of suicide include severe sadness, mood swings, unexpected rage, and loss of interest.
  • Other signs include withdrawing from activities, isolating from friends and family, displaying a disregard for consequences, and ensuring continued care for persons, pets, or possessions that may be left behind after death.

How to approach a person who might be contemplating suicide?

  • It is advised to start by asking the individual directly about suicide and allowing them to describe their thoughts, feelings, and plans without judgment.
  • Following this, it’s crucial to take action to keep them safe, such as not leaving their side and removing access to means of suicide, like poisonous substances, sharp objects, firearms, or other tools mentioned in their plan.

Are there helplines or resources available for those in need of mental health support?

  • Yes, individuals in need of mental health services can reach out to the National Center For Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 1553. Additionally, mental health services can be accessed through the following phone numbers:
    • 0966-351-4518 or 0917-899-8726 for Globe/TM subscribers
    • 0908-639-2672 for Smart/Sun/TNT subscribers

Note: If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, it’s essential to seek immediate help from a mental health professional or a crisis hotline. The provided helplines and resources can offer assistance and support.

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