SONShine Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
A non-government institution catering to client and families with substance abuse related problem.

Abong-Abong, Zamboanga City
(62) 985 1779 | (62) 991 1090 loc. 116
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Behavior dynamics of Drug Users
The usual effect of Shabu is to make a person mentally and physically active such that he feels tireless and feels little need for sleep. He feels confident about himself and good about being able to do much, expressing himself in ways that he would not be able to do before. Perhaps in his mind, he sees an opening for great possibilities. For many, the first experience leads to repeated using and may lead to a full blown addiction with the many unwanted effects on the user and those around him.In the meantime, knowing that using drugs is "wrong" he has to hide his drug use from certain people perceived as "authorities" and others who are decidedly against drugs or who could prevent him from having the experience again. The avoidance behaviors will differ from person to person but will usually involve changes in schedule and activity and lying to explain the changes. There could be noticeable efforts to try to please – in order to make up for his deficiencies brought about by his drug use.Partly depending on his personality, a user can be very open about his drug use- boast about his activities, to project something positive about himself, and also in order to make connections and get get information about more and cheaper sources of drugs. He will have to decide which groups or settings are safe for him to be himself (as a user) and which are those that are unsafe for disclosing about his drug use.The following are other manifestations of being high with Shabu: sweating, cold hands, dry lips – with different repeated ways of wetting the lips.When the effects are wearing off, a different picture emerges. The user becomes restless and irritable, maybe demanding, and difficult to handle. Often a user would take Shabu for a few days followed by a rest period wherein he would have to eat and sleep.One way to understand a user’s experience is to imagine cycles of being high followed by being "lowbatt" but progressively increasing his dosage of drug intake (because of tolerance – where the body adjusts to the presence of the drug and would increasing need higher doses to get the same effects), increasing guilt feelings (because of the loss of inhibitions, leading to irresponsible behavior) and increased expenses. The latter would sooner or later require more sophisticated ways of financing, most often resulting in much lying, manipulation, selling of personal and family belongings, stealing, threatening, and criminal activities. As the user gets deeper into drugs, his mental functioning deteriorates. Guilt, and the ineffective attempts to get rid of it can lead to more guilt, shame and avoiding people. At the same time an increased "need" for more drugs "pushes" the user to plan and do things he knows are wrong. An intense psychological struggle may ensue – leading many confused feelings. One very common experience is paranoia- an unreasonable, unrealistic fear of being watched, reported or arrested. The reactions following his paranoid feelings could in turn lead to antagonistic or aggressive behaviors towards other people, and could include physical harm to others.Dealing with a drug user therefore requires wisdom and tact. Much caution is needed. At the same time, urgent action should be taken to convince him to reject drugs while at the same time, the parents should exercise their rightful authority and impose discipline. In many instances, it is best that the family rescue the drug user from his addiction, giving him no choice and cutting off his supply. Once the drugs are cleared from his body, he can already have a sober mind and be convinced to go drug free. Making a voluntary choice to stop drug use is not an easy task. Getting the right advice from experienced persons is critical. Often inpatient rehabilitation could offer the much needed hope for the drug addict.

By Ernesto G. Florendo, MD Therapeutic Program Director, SDTRC
July 8, 2013. Zamboanga City
======The ideas presented in the article above are based on the author’s interactions with drug users undergoing rehabilitation, with inputs from SDTRC staff. Special credit is given to ideas shared by Mr. Gary Francisco, a former drug user and now over-all coordinator of SDTRC. See MoreSee Less

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{{The SonShine Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center continuously seeks more effective rehabilitation and treatment strategies to assist drug users and their families to get free from the ill effects of drug dependency and the associated unhealthy and irresponsible behaviors that go with it.

SDTRC assists its residents to:

1. Become free from drug addiction and to develop responsible and productive lives ( DRUG FREE AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ).

2. Develop a humble and realistic appreciation of oneself, his talents and abilities, weaknesses and inadequacies, and his potentials ( PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING ).

3. To grow in harmonious relationships with family, neighbors, and some other social group ( SOCIAL INTEGRATION )

4. Identify their problems or unhelpful behaviors, plan realistic solutions, and implement behavior changes that are likely have positive effects. SDTRC provides its residents with a steady stream of positive key messages to improve their psycho-emotional functioning ( MENTAL PRODUCTIVITY ).

5. Develop skills and use them for gainful employment ( SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ).
6. To learn to allot time and energies for activities that benefit others

7. Have a sense of purpose and give due respect to God and moral values

Dr. Ernesto G. Florendo
Zamboanga City See MoreSee Less

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