Serenity House of Sobriety
Founded in 2003, it's a non-profit, non-government Christian organization, a foundation, and a center for self-discovery, treatment of addictions and self-defeating behaviors.

6440 Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Ave., Amadeo
(46) 682 0489 | 0918 945 5976
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ClassPrivate facility
SupportIndividuals with compulsive behavior (e.g. violence, self-mutilation, bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.), process addiction (e.g. gambling, e-gaming or computer, sex and relationship, shopaholic), substance addiction (e.g. drug dependency and alcoholism)
ServicesFollows the “12 steps hoslitic treatment program” which gives emphasis on surrending one’s life and will to God
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  1. Hi! We just one to inquire of what kind of support you are providing for those person whose needs counseling.