Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines
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There is hope. Reach out and call the suicide prevention hotlines
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  1. Three months had passed our dear Sister died in and peace last June 20, 2020. We, our family is demanding Justice must be done as soon as possible to CLOSE PERMANENTLY Plainview Custodial Home Care. IMPUNITY n CORRUPTION must come to end. What a Shame!!!!

  2. Plainview Management n Staff will cover-Up everything from their evil n wickedness. I will continue courageously stand for Justice n Truth. In behalf of our Sister died under their care. God is the witnessed. They are worst than Corona Virus their hearts are full of Malice.
    They don’t open their eyes n their ears. They are trapped with Materialism n worldly pleasure for their own benefits not for the patients. Just for them many patients have to suffer Starvation, lack Health worker Incapable n Irresponsible taking care of Patients. The Management n Staff kept intentionally the wheelchair of my Sistrt when she died; we claimed it n the staff said ;it is already destroyed. How could it be?A week ago, before her hospitalization it was there since my sister is physically disabled due to them
    Changing the Garage for Male ward with Bar like Prisoners

  3. Another Slaughter house after Plainview Custodial Home 1 on Mandaluyong. My dear Sister confined n died in a cruel way without Compassion n Mercy. She was rushed to hospital with severed infection of Bedsores
    My dear Sister caused of her dead “SEPSIS” affecting her internal organ. She was totally Malnourished n Dehydrated.
    Publish it, to earn credibility.
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