Metro Psych (Mandaue Branch), Roads & Bridges to Recovery
A full service psychiatric facility centered on patient welfare and recovery with strong emphasis on cognitive re-development enabling patients reintegration into society.

Upper Malibu Beach St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City
(32) 344 2141 | (32) 344 2112 | (32) 344 2142
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ClassPrivate facility
Rates30,000.00 to 50,000.00 (per month)
SupportInpatient and outpatient evaluation and management, 24 hours staffing provides individual and group supportive counseling, medication management and personal care assistance, psychiatric consultation and treatment
ServicesDay care and night care services, case evaluation and management, discharge planning and coordination, family consultation and support, neuropsychiatric evaluation and psychological testing, drug detoxification and qualitative drug testing, stress management
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