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A private rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol dependents and people with behavioral and psychological problems.

D. Cruzado Road, Guinhawa South, Tagaytay City
0915 106 0855 | 0998 987 5205 | (2) 950 5482
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Type Details
Class Private facility
Services and Programs Offers treatment for drug and alcohol dependency, mood disorder, anxiety disorder / panic attack, violence and aggression, severe depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, stubborn and disrespectful child and gambling addiction, all kinds of addiction
Has in-house psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, nurses and counselors
OJT and Internship Does not accept on job training or intern students; case studies and other related activities not allowed for privacy reasons
Other Details Call to arrange a visit or bring patient with you if you’ve decided to admit them
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How your Addiction is Devastating your Kids

Kids are resilient, but that doesn’t mean your addiction isn’t having a terrible effect. They may be resilient, but your kids are also sensitive and malleable. What you do and say (or don’t do and don’t say) affects them deeply. You may think that your addiction only hurts you, but you are completely wrong. It affects everyone around you, especially your kids who need you to be a loving, protective parent. Ask yourself, how does addiction affect the family? How does it affect my kids? With the answers you may finally be ready to get help and to get sober.

Your Addiction Affects Your Kids’ Behaviors

As an addict, you don’t act like a normal person. You may think you hide it well, but you don’t. Substance abuse changes who you are and how you act. You are no longer modeling appropriate behaviors for your children and you are unlikely to be taking time to directly teach them how to behave. The result is that your kids don’t know what normal behavior is. They may act out in school. They may get in fights with other kids. They may express their emotions in inappropriate ways.

Your Kids Don’t Feel Safe

Sure, you provide them with a roof over their heads in a decent neighborhood and put food on the table. You aren’t physically abusive, either. But these are only the bare minimum requirements that kids need. To feel safe, children need to feel loved and wanted. They need to know that you will be emotionally stable. They need to not be afraid of your verbal outbursts. They need you to be there for them, not sleeping off a hangover past noon.

Your Kids Become Little Adults

How addiction affects the family is complicated, and different children will react in different ways. You can be sure, though, that at least one of your children will try to act like the adult in the household. When you step out of the role of responsible adult, there is a vacuum. One or more of the kids will try to fill it. She will attempt to step up to take care of younger kids. She’ll clean the house and make dinner. She will worry about things she shouldn’t have to worry about at such a young age.

Reversing the Damage

Kids are resilient. Your addiction is affecting them in negative ways, but you can change it. By getting help, you can change the lives your children lead. You can get better so that you can provide them with security, a feeling of love and safety, a model for good behavior, emotional stability and the freedom to be kids. When it’s time to make amends in recovery, the most important amends are those you make to your children. They can also recover from your addiction, but first you need to get help and get well. See MoreSee Less

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How Do I Recognize Drug Addiction?

People struggling with drug addiction exhibit a host of symptoms, but before you can recognize them, you often must overcome one major obstacle: denial. Drug addiction is a brain disease that changes the chemical pathways of the brain, leading the addict to crave more of the drug and go to dangerous lengths to get their next high. Denial allows them to conceal their symptoms and continue hurting themselves and others to maintain their habit.
In many cases, drug addiction begins with experimentation or social use. For some, tolerance develops and the individual needs more of the drug just to feel normal again. Stopping drug use may bring on intense drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety, sweating and shaking.
Although each type of drug has different effects, some of the most common signs of drug addiction include:

*Physical symptoms such as deterioration of physical appearance, impaired coordination, and changes in diet or sleep patterns

*Failed attempts to quit using drugs

*Needing larger doses of the drug to feel good again

*Getting into trouble at school or work

*Feeling powerless to control the amount or frequency of drug use

*Sudden mood swings or change in friends or hobbies

*Spending more time and energy on obtaining and using drugs

*Abandoning activities you used to enjoy because of your drug use

*Using drugs under dangerous conditions, such as while driving

*Continuing to abuse drugs in spite of negative consequences to your health, finances, career and relationships

Confused about your options?

CARE Rehab can help you!

Call us now: 09989875205 SMART, 09151060855 GLOBE

If you recognize the signs of drug addiction in yourself or someone you care about, get help right away. Addiction rarely gets better without drug addiction treatment, and worsens over time. See MoreSee Less

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Good day!

Please be informed that we are not accepting on job training students or intern students. Case studies and other related activities are not allowed to be done in our center. We consider and value the confidentiality and privacy of every patient’s identity and life while undergoing treatment at our center.

Thank you and God bless.

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Hello, ano po ba ang hanap nyo dito?

Remy Castro
Remy Castro

Hindi po ba kayo nag-pipick-up sa residence kung ayaw mag-cooperate na ipasok sya sa Rehab? How much po ang monthly payment?

Maria McKinney
Maria McKinney

My son is 23 years old and has a depression and alcoholic problem. He has an anxiety problem and socially immature. How much do you charge?


My son was diagnosed bipolar, are they separated to your drug addict patients if ever I will bring him there?


Hi for behavioral cases such as disrespectful and stubborn, the teatment is set aside from drug related etc. Right? How much and how long?


How much po monthly?para po sa kapatid ko drug addict.