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  1. I am still suffering from anxiety.
    I felt nervous and I worried a lot everyday when I woke up.
    I don’t know how to cure this illness (not even sure what they call it).
    I prayed a lot this morning but it didn’t work.
    I even called my dad in heaven to help me communicate with God.
    I don’t know if he heard it.
    I messed up at work.
    I messed up in life.
    My life is a mess.
    I don’t even know how to go back on track again.

    My wishes:
    To wake up one day feeling better.
    To wake up one day with my heart at ease.
    To wake up one day feeling happy.
    To wake up one day next to the person who will take good care of me forever.
    To wake up one day next to the person who will not leave me whatever happens.
    To wake up one day next to the person who will collect the broken pieces of me and put it altogether to form the new me.
    To wake up one day stronger and better than the old me.

  2. Hi my daughter got depression she is easy to get angry and easy to hurt somebody especially when she want something not to give her immediately. She looks normal but its not. How you can help my daughter in her situation? Can u pls help me? Thanks

  3. Can I admit myself into a mental health care facility? But what are the process ? Because I’m kinda having so much depression and I don’t know what to do I’m kinda wanting to kill myself and I want to just disappear

    1. Hello, how are you? I hope you are feeling better. Unfortunately, I also do not know the answer to your questions. But I think you can start with your community health care centers? I hope someone from there can direct and assist you to mental health care facilities. Or you can visit a local therapist, at first they will assess your mental status and offer you a care plan according to your needs. I do not know if I made any sense but I just want to stop by and say that you are not alone, and that you are loved, you are not worthless and that you are needed and deserving of any good. Please do not disappear, your existence is beautiful, not perfect but beautiful. If you want someone to talk to, just reply here! I will be waiting for you :).