Camp Gen. Aniceto Lacson Compound, Victorias City, Negros Occidental
(34) 399 3388
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AboutA treatment and rehabilitation facility for drug dependents.
ClassPrivate facility
Hours25,000.00 - Initial Fee

15,000.00 (per month) - Succeeding Payments
SupportDrug, alcohol, tobacco dependents. Patients with deep neurosis and psychological problems may be accepted on a case to case basis
VisitationThe initial fee will cover detoxification with laboratory (e.g. drug testing, CBC, urinalysis, stool exam, HBs, Ag, FBS, creatinine, SGPT, SGOT, NaKCl). All patients undergo initial detoxification process, monitored closely by the staff
OthersThe monthly payment covers the board and lodging, and ordinary meds
Updated2 years ago
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  1. Do you still accept new patients? We are from Metro Bacolod District Jail Female Dormitory, and we have a patient who wants to enroll in your facility to undergo rehab.