McDonald’s Philippines has recently ridden the cookie butter bandwagon with the Cookie Butter McFlurry. Launched just in time for the holidays, it’s the fast food franchise’s latest dessert offering currently available in its stores.

To be honest, my interest was piqued when I saw this on the McDonald’s menu. Cookie butter isn’t entirely new to me — I’ve had a taste of Speculoos before, either licked from a spoon or slathered on bread. It tastes like gingerbread cookie but with a peanut butter texture.

The novel thing for me about this latest McFlurry was mixing the soft-serve ice cream with cookie butter instead of the usual crushed chocolate cookie bits. That made me shell out PhP 45.00 from my pocket and hand the money over to the McDonald’s service crew.

Observing how the Cookie Butter McFlurry was prepared, it’s made with the same process as their Oreo McFlurry except that it uses a cookie butter mixture with ice cream. When “flurried”, the cookie butter bits look like actual cookies, but they’re not. They have a texture similar to the hard shell used for their McDip sundae cones. They even solidify at the tips of the cup and spoon after a few minutes.

Interestingly, though, even if McDonald’s did not use actual cookie butter (brands like Speculoos or Biscoff), the bits actually taste like the real thing. Upon eating, hints of gingerbread, cinnamon, and butter played inside my mouth, and these were all complemented by the smooth, creamy vanilla flavor of the ice cream. Overall, the Cookie Butter McFlurry is a delicious, cool treat that combines sweetness with a bit of zing.

A caveat: not everyone would like the tinge of spice in their ice cream or sundae. Kids would probably prefer to stick to chocolate, while some grown-ups would rather go with the regular fare. But for those with adventurous palates, the Cookie Butter McFlurry is a must-try.

The Cookie Butter McFlurry is part of McDonald’s Holiday Sweet Pleasures line-up, which also includes the Merry Berry McFlurry with Oreo and Salted Caramel Sundae. The Cookie Butter McFlurry is available during the Christmas Season, so best grab it before it disappears from the stores.

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