I’ve been using Maybelline Products since I was in college. The first product I’ve used are their lip balm and lipstick. I saw the advertisement of  Maybelline Clear Smooth (All In One) Cake Powder on the TV and I did not think twice to buy one of my own. Since I’ve used Maybelline products before and up till now, I know their new products will going to be great.

I totally love Maybelline products. The Maybelline Clear Smooth (All In One) Cake Powder is so great. I am a person who follows holistic care, and from now and then I found Maybelline products rich in natural ingredients, meaning they are focused on the wellness of their customers. This product is so good on my skin, it’s not harsh and make my skin so smooth. The cake powder has SPF 25 P++ which is good in daytime and protects skin from UV rays.

I also love the color and the design of the product; it is mini powder, so I can carry it anywhere I go. I can use the powder alone or a finishing touch along with my other powder. The product also conceals the blemishes on my skin and some of my pimples. It also smoothens and evens the skin for a nice touch, it is gentle on the skin and non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t clog your pores). I have a huge pore before, but after using it for a few months, I notice that some of my pores are not enlarging more. I use this powder morning till night, it sits long and makes my skin’s natural even I’m at work the whole day..

Maybelline Clear Smooth (All In One) Cake Powder is also cheaper (I think around PhP 120-150 when you buy it in the Philippines), and you can buy it anywhere either in Watson, drug stores, department stores, and even in supermarkets; it’s not hard to find. You can choose from Natural, Honey and Beige. I already tried Natural and Honey, and both of it does great on my skin. Maybelline never failed to satisfy me on my little fashion world.

This product is so fantastic. For those people who wants to try it, young or old, I do suggest that you buy one and try it. It is great for winter or summer. To those people wants 2 in 1 concealer and powder, this will be great for you. It will not waste your money, promise!

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