We all know how lipstick lifts our moods and add gorgeous color to our lips, but admit it: there are times that we lipstick addicts wish we could get away with wearing just the barest hint of color. When lips are too parched for lipstick and lip gloss is too gooey to put on, Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow lip balm is my bet for naturally pink and moisturized puckers.

The lip balm comes with an exclusive color blooming technology, the package says so, that makes it go on clear at first but later reacts with my lip chemistry to produce my very own pink glow. I applied the product eagerly and it did give my lips a pretty pale pink that is just so flattering for me. The color enhances my natural lip color so that even with only balm on, I still look fresh instead of washed out and pale.

The mixed berry flavor and scent of the Pink Glow variant is o so yummy, I’d apply the balm again and again even if I don’t need to. Plus, it has superior moisturizing power and kept my lips in prime condition. I was on an 8-hour bus drive on a non-air-conditioned bus yet my lips never did dry out, thanks to this lovely lip balm. Verdict: I’m so sold out with this product.

With its funky pink packaging, Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow lip balm brightens not only a girl’s lips but adds a quirky touch to any makeup kit as well. Having a neon pink and silver packaging somehow makes it easy to spot in my cavernous bag, which is a plus. Its tiny size makes it fit even in the tiniest of purses or even your jeans pocket. At Php 99, it won’t be burning your pocket, instead letting you save up for other things you need most like I did.

Who would not get excited with a product so good but reasonably priced? Not to mention it gives you the freshest, oh-so-natural look with just one swipe. I can even apply the product without a mirror as it goes pink on the lips only. A quality product with a whimsical touch, Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow is definitely a product I’d love to share with my girlfriends and recommend to others for fuss-free beauty.

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  1. Woah.. so tempting to look at and the colors are vibrant 🙂 I’ll definitely get one for myself anytime soon 🙂

  2. I’ve been using Maybelline Products since I was in college. The first product I’ve used are their lip balm and lipstick. I saw the advertisement of Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow on the TV and I did not think twice to buy one of my own. Since I’ve used Maybelline products before and up till now, I know their new products will going to be great.
    I totally love Maybelline products. The Baby Lips Pink Glow is so great. I am a person who follows holistic care, and from now and then I found Maybelline products rich in natural ingredients, meaning they are focused on the wellness of their customers. I had a Maybelline lip balm before, I love it because it has a jojoba oil ingredient which is good for dry and cracked lips – it also has minerals. The Baby Lips Pink Glow is like my other lip balm before, I like it because it gives me lip moisture, and freshness; the only difference is it has a good pinkish color which I love and it has anti-oxidant which is very good for the lips. I also love the color and the design of the product. I can use the lip balm alone or a finishing touch along with my Maybelline Lipstick. I remember when my five year old cousin saw me putting my Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow, and she said that she likes it, and wants to put the lip balm on. She never let the lip balm get out of her hands. She totally loves the lip balm, so my aunt decides to buy her one. My cousin is a little Fashionista, so am I. Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow is also cheaper and you can buy it anywhere either in Watson, drug stores, department stores, and even in supermarkets; it’s not hard to find. You can also choose from different flavor that they have. Maybelline never failed to satisfy me on my little fashion world.
    This product is so fantastic. For those people who wants to try it, young or old, I do suggest that you buy one and try it. It is great for winter or summer. To those people who have dry and cracked lips, this one will be great for you. You will not just make your lips moisturize but also looks pretty. It will not waste your money, promise!

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