Are you a pancake lover? Do you want a hotcake that will satisfy your cravings? Well, Maya the Original Hotcake Mix is for you!

I love hotcakes but I’ve got to admit that I am lazy to find and prepare the ingredients. Last month I went to the grocery store to look for a nice hotcake mix. I checked all the hotcake mixes that were there. I read their labels and nutrition facts and guess what? Only one stole my interest and met my standards. I found my ideal hotcake in Maya the Original Hotcake Mix!

What I like about Maya Hotcake Mix is it does not become too lumpy nor too liquid when you mix it with water, egg and oil. Its particles are smooth. Hence, the mixture is easy to stir. It does not stick on the ladle and pan. Anyone can prepare it as easy as ABC.

Another thing I like about Maya Hotcake Mix is you cannot only make pancakes out of it but also crepes, cupcakes and even hopia ube without the need for costly cake mixes. It has an official website where you can see more Maya recipes and the link can be found on its box.  I am learning a lot from its site and I feel like I am good at baking now.

One more reason why I like Maya is because it’s affordable. It is cheaper than any other hotcake mixes. I guess it is more affordable because it is a local product yet a very good quality one. A 500g box of it is just worth 57 Php and it has an additional 100 grams.  I can make 20 – 25 pancakes with it and they taste like the expensive imported hotcakes.

To me, Maya hotcake is more than a pancake. It has enriched flour and iodized salt (not just ordinary flour and salt). It is healthy. Its good taste and scent prove that it really is.

Maya hotcake has a perfect taste. It is not too sweet. It does not have an aftertaste. My family and I just can’t get enough of it. It is often our “merienda” as well as breakfast. Actually we prefer it to bread. It is fluffy and tasty. My tutees and cousins’ kids love it too!

Our hotcakes are always delicious because of Maya the Original Hotcake Mix. It will surely change the way you see and eat hotcakes and it has changed mine.

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