Ramos-Vicencio Well-family Midwife Clinic (Calumpang Branch)BinangonanPrivate
Ramos-Vicencio Well-family Midwife Clinic (Tayuman Binangonan Branch)BinangonanPrivate
2MJ Lying-in ClinicRodriguezPrivate
Clinica G. Miranda Birthing HomeAgonoPrivate
Mikko Medics Medical Maternity Lying In ClinicAgonoPrivate
Kasinay Lying-in ClinicBinangonanPrivate
Tomas Claudio Colleges Inc.MorongPrivate
Ate Wilma’s PaanakanRodriguezPrivate
EC Geronimo Medical ClinicBinangonanPrivate
Gulod RHU-IV 24 Hrs PaanakanBinangonanGov
San Mateo Municipal Lying-in ClinicSan MateoGov
Rafha-Jyra’s Lying-in Clinic (Del Pilar Branch)RodriguezPrivate
I Care For You Lying-In & Maternity ClinicTaytayPrivate
Clinica Italia Maternity Lying-InTaytayPrivate
Our Lady Of Grace Ob-gyne Clinic & Lying-InSan IsidroPrivate
Paghubasan Birthing HomeAntipolo CityPrivate
St. Blase Maternity And Medical ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Simeon Maternity And Multispecialty ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Camacho Birthing Home & Family Planning ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Villon Midwife ClinicRodriguez MontalbanPrivate
Sunico Medical And Maternity ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Manahan Angeles Lying-in ClinicSan MateoPrivate
M. San Luis Multispecialty And Lying In ClinicTaytayPrivate
Rafha-Jyra’s Lying-in Clinic (San Jose Branch)Rodriguez MontalbanPrivate
Teresa Rural Health Unit Lying-in FacilityTeresaGov
Blessed Home Of Mother & Child Maternity ClinicRodriguez MontalbanPrivate
Young Angels Midwife ClinicRodriguez MontalbanPrivate
A.M. Beltran Lying-in ClinicTaytayPrivate
Triple J Maternity ClinicRodriguez MontalbanPrivate
Onting Maternity And Lying-in ClinicTaytayPrivate
Lia-Anne Maternity ClinicTaytayPrivate
S.A.M. Lying-in ClinicSan MateoPrivate
Tres Hermanas Lying-in And Medical ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Gemrose Lying-in ClinicBinangonanPrivate
Tender Love And Care BirthingBinangonanPrivate
Sapphire’s Maternity ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
The God’s Plan Midwifery ServicesCaintaPrivate
Eming Lying-in And Medical ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Sofia Maternity ClinicMontalbanPrivate
Tanay Municipal Maternity ClinicTanayGov
CCH Rural Health Unit Birthing HomeMontalbanGov
Blessings Of God Maternity Lying-in ClinicTaytayPrivate
Aileen D. Flaviano Maternity ClinicTaytayPrivate
Lady Manaoag Lying-inBinangonanPrivate
Fatima Health Center of AntipoloAntipolo CityGov
Nancy Rosales Maternity ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Midwife Fe Lying-in & Family Planning ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Cardona Rural Health Unit I BemoncCardonaGov
JRV Centennial Medical & Lying-in ClinicTaytayPrivate
JCA Lying-in ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
RAA Lying-in ClinicBinangonanPrivate
N.T.E. Bahay PaanakanAntipolo CityPrivate
San Vicente De Teresa Birthing HomeTeresaPrivate
Don Mariano Lying-in Health CenterCaintaGov
Arago-Cequena’s Lying In ClinicBinangonanPrivate
SBI Lying In & Wellness CenterAntipolo CityPrivate
Lake Shore Lying-in ClinicCardonaPrivate
Tagbac Buhanginan Lying-in ClinicAntipolo CityGov
San Luis Rural Health Unit Lying-in ClinicAntipolo CityGov
Penafrancia Cupang Rural Health Unit Lying-in ClinicAntipolo CityGov
Rehoboth ClinicTanayPrivate
Blue Star Alpha Lying In ClinicCaintaPrivate
Eastwood Medical And Maternity ClinicMontalbanPrivate
Doktora Andres Lying-in Maternity And Medical ClinicAntipolo CityPrivate
Shalom Christian Bahay Paanakan Inc.Antipolo CityPrivate
Pililla Health Center Lying-in ClinicPililaGov
Municipal Birthing Clinic Of Jala-jalaJala-jalaGov
CCH Rural Health Unit Birthing Home 3MontalbanGov
Del Rosario Birthing Home ClinicCaintaPrivate

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