List of Maternity and Lying-In Clinics in Cebu
Maternity, lying-in clinics (paanakan) and birthing facilities in Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-lapu, Talisay cities, Philippines.

Melodina A. Cabajar Well Family Midwife Clinic
Carreta Lying‐In and Birthing Center
Norma Y. Cabrera Well Family Midwife ClinicLapu-lapu City
Ginatilan Birthing Center
J‐Anne Maternity Clinic
Ronda Birthing Center
Sister's Midwife Clinic
Camalig Perpetual Birthing Home & Maternity ClinicCebu CityPrivate
Lady of Child Maternity Clinic
Nazarina Daria Well Family Midwife Clinic
Lina's Birthing Home
Sibonga Birthing Center
Alcantara Birthing CenterAlcantara
Alegria Birthing CenterAlegria
Badian Birthing CenterBadian
Balamban Health Diagnostic and Birthing CenterBalambanPrivate
Bantayan Birthing HomeBantayanPrivate
King of King's PaanakanBarili
LA Paz Birthing & Health CenterBogo City
GDC Midwife's Clinic and Birthing HomeBogo City
Bogo City Birthing CenterCebuGov
Life Inspired Birthing HomeCebu City
Ate Lud’z Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic (Cogon Pardo Branch)Cebu CityPrivate
Florame N. Quilario Well Family Midwife ClinicCebu City
Glory Reborn OrganizationCebu City
Inayawan Birthing CenterCebu City
Genesis Maternity Clinic & Birthing CenterCebu City
Ate Lud'z Birthing Home & Family Planning ClinicCebu CityPrivate
Genevieve C. Suazo Well Family Midwife ClinicCebu City
MNS Maternity HouseCebu City
Talamban Health Center & Lying‐in ClinicCebu City
MT. Zion Maternity HomesCebu City
Agnes Birthing Home ClinicCebu City
Daisy's Birthing and Maternity ClinicCebu CityPrivate
Mabolo Birthing CenterCebu City
Guadalupe Health and Birthing CenterCebu City
Mary Claire Oliver Maternity and Birthing Clinic (M.J. Cuenco Branch)Cebu City
Margarita Birthing CenterCebu City
St. Barachiel Birthing Home & Family Planning ClinicConsolacion
Leolisa F. Gurrea Midwife ClinicConsolacion
Dotties Birthing Home & Family Planning ClinicConsolacion
Mary Claire’s Birthing Center & Family Planning ServicesConsolacion
MJYP Maternity ClinicDanao City
Danao Lying-in ClinicDanao City
Rening Birthing HomeDanao City
Dumanjug Birthing CenterDumanjug
Estardo Birthing HomeLapu-lapu City
Babag Midwife ClinicLapu-Lapu CityPrivate
Grengia Maternity HouseLapu-lapu City
Abuno Birthing Home ClinicLapu-Lapu CityPrivate
Mystical Rose Balay AnakanLapu-Lapu City
Memee’s Birthing HomeLapu-Lapu City
MC Paanakan Center & Family Planning ServicesLapu-Lapu City
Care Birthing CenterLapu-Lapu CityPrivate
P.S. Maternity ClinicLapu-Lapu City
Eleeh's Birthing and Family Planning ClinicLapu-Lapu City
Len‐len Birthing and Family Planning ClinicLapu‐lapu City
Juana Maternity Clinic & Medicalsurgical ClinicLiloan
Gabriella Maternity ClinicLiloan
Madridejos Birthing HomesMadredejos
Malabuyoc Birthing CenterMalabuyoc
Lunita A. Tuñacao Birthing CenterMandaue City
Gentle Care Medical Clinic & Birthing HomeMandaue City
Paanakan sa MandaueMandaue City
Dr. Gador Maternity Package Deal Birthing CenterMandaue City
Cubacub Birthing CenterMandaue City
Medellin Birthing CenterMedellin
Ch‐em Birthplace and ClinicMinglanilla
Bever Medical Clinic Diagnostic Laboratory and PharmacyMinglanillaPrivate
Morning Glory Birthing HomeMinglanilla
Duyongco Maternity ClinicMinglanilla
Moalboal Birthing CenterMoalboal
DMC Birthing CenterNaga CityPrivate
Pinamungajan Rural Health Unit - Birthing CenterPinamungajan
Samboan Birthing CenterSamboan
San Fernando Health Center - Birthing CenterSan Fernando
San Francisco Rural Health Unit - Birthing CenterSan Francisco
San Remigio Rural Health Unit I - San Remigio Birthing CenterSan Remigio
Santa Fe Birthing CenterSanta Fe
Perlita A. Vilches Well Family Midwife ClinicTalisay
Well Family Midwife Clinic (Talisay Branch)Talisay City
Nanelita P. Uy Well Family Midwife ClinicToledo City
Mccc Care Clinic and Birthing CenterToledo City
Rural Health Unit - Doña Remedios Laurel Birthing CenterTuburan
Bayalas Birthing Home & Family Planning ServicesSan FernandoPrivate
Belinda’s Birthing Home (Danao Branch)Danao CityPrivate
Belinda’s Birthing Home (Carmen Branch)CarmenPrivate
Alcoy Rural Health Unit and Birthing FacilityAlcoy
Cordova Birthing CenterCordova
Dalaguete Health Management Complex Belmonc Health FacilityDalagueteGov

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mary joan ramos
mary joan ramos

maternity package rate proximitly how much?

Sheila mar amistoso
Sheila mar amistoso

I am looking for a job, registered midwife for ako….pls repky