Vero Massage Clinic and Spa (f. Alfabetoes Body Mind And Spirit Day Massage And Spa)
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Mango Avenue 8, Dumaguete City
(35) 420 9380 | 0917 701 5241 | 0998 555 5469
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Full Body Massage
Swedish Massage 300.00 1hr
Thai Massage 300.00 1hr
Shiatsu 300.00 1hr
Traditional Filipino Hilot 300.00 1hr
Pedriatic Massage 300.00 1hr
Combination (Swedish + Thai) 320.00 1hr
Back, Head, Feet and Hands
Foot Massage 170.00 30mins
Head Massage 150.00 30mins
Back Massage 150.00 30mins
Hand Massage 150.00 30mins
Scrubing and Waxing
Himag Foot Scrub 250.00 45mins
Himag Facial Scrub 250.00 45mins
Himag Body Scrub 500.00 1hr
Waxing 250.00 30mins
Massages with Higher Service
Hot Oil Massage 350.00 1hr 20mins
Bamboo Massage 450.00 1hr 20mins
VERO Signature Massage 500.00 1hr 20mins
Quadrus Manus Massage (4 hands) 700.00 1hr 20mins
Herbs and Stone Therapies
Ventosa Therapy 450.00 1hr 20mins
Poultice Therapy 450.00 1hr 20mins
Hot Stone Therapy 500.00 1hr 30mins
Aromatherapy 500.00 1hr 30mins
Body Massagers with Hot Pads
Swedish Massage 350.00 1hr
Thai Massage 350.00 1hr
Shiatsu 350.00 1hr
Traditional Filipino Massage 350.00 1hr
Combination (Swedish + Thai) 370.00 1hr
TRIO Services
(Three different services combined to a harmonious whole)
AV Body Massage Deluxe 1,500.00
A1 Aromatherapy – Hot Stone – Head Massage 1,000.00
A2 Aromatherapy – Body Scrub – Foot massage 1,050.00
A3 Aromatherapy – Hot Stone – Vero Signature Massage 1,350.00
A4 Aromatherapy – Bamboo Massage – Facial Scrub 1,080.00
A5 Aromatherapy – Foot Scrub – Foot Massage 820.00
A6 Aromatherapy – Ventosa – Head Massage 1,000.00
B1 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Aromatherapy 1,125.00
B2 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Hot Stone Massage 1,125.00
B3 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Vero Signature Massage 1,120.00
B4 Body Scrub – Ventosa – Foot Scrub 1,080.00
B5 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Bamboo Massage 1,125.00
B6 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Swedish Massage 945.00
B7 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Poultice 1,080.00
B8 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Foot Massage 830.00
B9 Body Scrub – Foot Scrub – Facial Scrub 900.00

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Dear customers, please note that, on Wednesday November 1, All Saints Day, we will only receive you BY APPOINTMENT. If you intent to visit our Spa on that date, please make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible, as we will be working only with a small team.
Our phone numbers : Landline : 035.420.9380; Globe : 0977.821.2767; Smart : 0998.555.5469
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Dear customers, we are happy to inform you that our improvement and renovation works are now completely finished.
We thank you for your patience.

Enjoy now a better accessibility to the compound with our new gate, an improved lighting in our reception area and a clean and welcoming couple room.

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