List of Massage Parlors, Spas & Wellness Centers in NCR
Massage parlors and spas in Caloocan, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon, etc. cities, Philippines.

Orenji Massage ServiceMandaluyong CityFemaleOut-call
Bliss & Beyond Home Service SpaPasig CityFemaleOut-call
Princess Touch Home Service MassageMakati CityFemaleOut-call
HCC Wellness Center & SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Z SpaPasig CityMale, FemaleParlor
Touch of Ellaris SpaMandaluyong CityFemaleOut-call
Four Seasons Home SpaPasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
E SpaPasay CityMaleParlor; Out-call
96 Essensa SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Amistad Spa & Wellness CenterQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Nuruman Male Nuru MassageMetro ManilaMale, FemaleOut-call
Furong SpaMakati CityFemaleParlor
Green Palace Spa (Las Piñas Branch)Las Piñas CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Green Palace Spa (Makati Branch)Makati CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Green Palace Spa (Parañaque Branch)Parañaque CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Japan Spa YamachuMalateMale, FemaleParlor
The MBay Health SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor
Sakura SpaAngeles CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
Kawaii SpaQuezon CityFemaleParlor
Kimono SpaPasig CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
Kyodo SensuNCRFemaleOut-call
Smithval SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Spasify Massage and Spa (Dewey Ave Branch)Olongapo CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Spasify Massage and Spa (Waterfront Road Branch)Olongapo CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Spasify Massage and Spa (San Bernardo Branch)Olongapo CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Holiwood Girls MassageMakati CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
Massage HousePasig CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Solterre Massage SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Halla Massage and SpaAngeles CityMale, FemaleParlor
Eowoo MassageNCRFemaleOut-call
Ayana Spa (Pasay Branch)Pasay CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Pamper Patrol Home Service SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Chillax Home and Hotel Service SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Accent SpaLas Pinas CityFemaleOut-call
Pilgrim SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Jolou Spa (Antipolo Branch)Antipolo CityMale, FemaleParlor
Jolou Spa (Pasig Branch)Pasig CityMale, FemaleParlor
Infiniti Urban SpaPasig CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Sensefinity Spa (Cityland Makati Branch)Makati CityMale, FemaleParlor
Rainbow Dream SpaMalateFemaleParlor
Waterleaf Wellness SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
JS Royal MassagePasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Achilles (Lights Of Flower)Marikina CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Body Pamper Home & Hotel ServiceLas Piñas CityFemaleOut-call
I Desire Home And Hotel ServicesPasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Pretty SakuraMakati CityFemaleOut-call
Surf SpaSan Juan CityMale, FemaleParlor
Hopemed Medical SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Hoja De Laurel SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Aishi SpaMalateMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
The Ritz SpaMalateMale, FemaleParlor
Jason Spa ReflexologyQuezon CityMaleParlor
Sabai Royalty Thai SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor
Touch of Delight SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
4U SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Big Cool Home SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Mandate Philippines Wellness SpaMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
OM SpaMalateMale, FemaleParlor
Cakara Wellness SpaNavotas CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Flight 168 Health SpaParañaque CityFemaleParlor
Starfleet Reflex Zone Massage ParlorParañaque CityFemaleParlor
Chiang Mai SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Stargate SpaMakati CityFemaleParlor
Albury SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Spa OsakaMakati CityFemaleParlor
Zentavos Wellness SpaLas Pinas CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Hana Spa And Thai MassageMakati CityFemaleOut-call
Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty SalonTaguig CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty Salon (Pasay Branch)Pasay CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Gentle Palm Home Service SpaParanaque CityFemaleOut-call
Shankara SpaQuezon CityFemaleParlor
Unwind Massage And Spa Home ServicesLas Pinas CityFemaleOut-call
Hibiscus Garden SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Amazing Hot Touch MassageQuezon CityMale, FemaleOut-call
King SpaQuezon CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
One Heart MassageMandaluyong CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
Aquarius Artisan SpaLas Pinas CityFemaleOut-call
Real Extreme TouchSan Juan CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Redlax SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Onesimus Male SpaQuezon CityMaleOut-call
Verde Royale SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Imavary Wellness Spa ServicesMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Garden Massage Spa (Las Pinas Branch)Las Pinas CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Garden Massage Spa (Paranaque Branch)Paranaque CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Geisha SpaMetro ManilaFemaleParlor; Out-call
Central Massage And SpaPasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Remedi Spa Wellness CenterLas Pinas CityFemaleParlor; Out-call
Jhem Spa Home & Hotel ServicesLas Pinas CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Sweet Escape Home Service Massage SpaLas Pinas CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
427 SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
A Touch Of Class Massage And SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Abay Wellness HubCaloocan CityMale, FemaleOut-call
ABS Fitness Gym And Wellness Spa (Rosario Pasig Branch)Pasig CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
ABS Fitness Gym And Wellness Spa (San Antonio Branch)Pasig CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Absolute Touch SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Aegean Blue Massage And SpaLas Pinas CityFemaleParlor
Aequabis MedispaMandaluyong CityFemaleParlor
Alabang SpaPasay CityMale, FemaleParlor
Allure SpaLas Pinas CityMale, FemaleParlor
Amarillo Spa (Paranaque Branch)Paranaque CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Amarillo Spa (Mandaluyong Branch)Mandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Anahata SpaParanaque CityFemaleParlor
Anantara SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Angel’s Touch Massage TherapyMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
Aramesh SpaMakati CityFemaleParlor
Arogya AyurvedaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor
Ashram Spa (Gil Puyat Branch)Makati CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Asian MassageCabanatuan CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Atarashii SpaParanaque CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Ataraxia SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Azurea SpaMuntinlupa CityMale, FemaleParlor
Avira Home And Hotel SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleOut-call
Babaylan SpaQuezon CityFemaleParlor
Tantra PhilippinesQuezon CityMaleParlor
Zuri SpaParañaqueFemaleParlor, Out-call
Hastag City SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Chisou SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor
Destiny Charm SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor, Out-call
Barricade SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Bayleaf Spa (Quezon City Branch)Quezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Hanami Body CareMakati CityFemaleOut-call
Zara Wellness SpaPasig CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Blu De Soleil SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor
Red Oak Wellness Spa (Las Pinas Branch)Las Pinas CityMale, FemaleParlor
Red Oak Wellness Spa (Sucat Branch)Paranaque CityMale, FemaleParlor
Zeria SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Zenses Home MassageLas Pinas CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Yeowoo MassageMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Yolo Massage SpaCaloocan CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Sweet Dreams Spa & MassageMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Bacarra SpaParañaque CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Bahay Haraya Spa & HealingQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Silver Sky SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Spa SensationMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Chocobrown SpaMuntinlupa CityMaleParlor
Rujo SpaMarikina CityMaleParlor
Red Strokes (Pasig Branch)Pasig CityMale, FemaleParlor
Spa HommeMetro ManilaMaleParlor
Revenge SpaMetro ManilaMaleParlor
LB Chan Massage ServiceMakati CityFemaleOut-call
El Paradise SpaParanaque CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
OTBT Health SpaMakati CityMaleParlor
Pines Home SpaMandaluyong CityFemaleParlor, Out-call
Shukuran Salon & SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Debutant Massage Home ServicesMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleOut-call
L&J Kingdom SpaMakati CiyMaleOut-call
Hilom SpaQuezon CityMaleOut-call
SPAnctuario Massage SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Serenity SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor, Out-call
Reign MassageQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Healing Palm Spa (Quezon City Branch)Quezon CityMaleParlor
Azul Spa (Libertad Branch)Mandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Rustic SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Jhem SpaLas Pinas cityMale, FemaleOut-call
Ayana Wellness SpaLas Pinas cityFemaleParlor
Mr Unique Touch Spa ManilaMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
New Lasema SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor
Despacito MassagePasayFemaleOut-call
Precious TouchMakatiFemaleParlor; Out-call
Power Touch SpaAlabangMale, FemaleOut-call
Heaven SpaMalateFemaleOut-call
Red Dream MassagePasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Topline Salon Wellness SpaSanta CruzFemaleParlor; Out-call
David's Wellness SpaMarikina CityMale, FemaleParlor
One Way SpaPasay CityMale, FemaleOut-call
Jardin De Buena Day SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Filipina Blossom MassageMandaluyong CityFemaleOut-call
7th Heaven MassageBGCFemaleOut-call
Lakan Dula SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Tranquility Wellness OasisMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Moniqu’es Mobile SpaMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Relaxante SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body Fix Home MassageMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
Go Spa ManilaMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Trojan Spa & SaunaQuezon CityMaleParlor
Sequence Hub MassageMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call

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