Hello Spa (f. Yobi Spa)
Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City
(32) 253 1686
no email | no site | no fb

Aromatherapy Massage 250.00
Swedish Massage 250.00
Shiatsu Massage 250.00
Foot Massage 250.00
Back Massage 250.00
Foot Scrub 300.00
Body Scrub 800.00

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Hello, ano po ba ang hanap nyo dito?


The lights are dimmed but there’s a setting where you can make the lights a little brighter. I did this and saw that the linens were stained. There were stain marks on the sheets and on the cloth I was supposed to cover my body with. It seemed like they don’t wash or change linens between costumers. Highly unsanitary and very disgusting!


We went to this spa 5 mins ago, and this masseur just harassed my friend. She told me that the masseur removed her undergarments without permission and even get down deeper. She even told him to stop but he kept on going until she stood up. Totally not a goood service. This has to stop. Train your masseur to respect and do their job properly.