3K Thai Traditional MassageCebu CityParlor
Alibyo Boutique SpaCebu CityFemaleParlor
Alyssa Spa and MassageCebu CityParlor
Amaryllis MassageCebu CityParlor
Au Revoir Spa SalonCebu CityParlor
Awesome MassageCebu CityParlor
Baan Khun ThaiCebu CityParlor
Banyan Tree SpaCebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Basak Massage And SpaLapu-lapu CityParlor
Blossom Lily Massage CenterCebu CityParlor
Body and Sole (Escario Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body and Sole (I.T. Park Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body and Sole (Ramos Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body and Sole (Labangon Town Center Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body Tune Day SpaCebu CityParlor
Calm Caress Therapeutic SpaTalisay CityFemaleParlor
Cataliya Thai Herb SpaCebu CityFemaleParlor
Cebu City Zoo Giant Python MassageCebu CityParlor
Cebu Derm HavenCebu CityParlor
Cebu Hilot MassageCebu CityParlor
Cebu Holiday Gym & SpaCebu CityParlor
Classic Touch Haven IncCebu CityParlor
Cozy SpaCebu CityParlor
Fine Fair SpaCebu CityMaleParlor; Out-call
D’Aviary Health Spa (Escario Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
D’Aviary Health Spa (Jones Avenue Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Derm Haven Medi SpaCebu CityParlor
El Grande SpaCebu CityParlor
Flora SpaCebu CityParlor
Grand Royal Spa (Capitol Site Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Grand Royal Spa (Lahug Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Green Thai MassageCebu CityParlor
Healing Hands Blind MasseursCebu CityParlor
K1 SpaCebu CityParlor
Khen ThaiCebu CityParlor
La Esperanza De Masaje Foot And Body Massage VillageCebu CityParlor
Lady Dhiana Spa & Massage ParlorTalisay CityParlor
Lai-Ken Thai Traditional MassageLapu-lapu CityParlor
Langkawi Discovery SpaMandaue CityParlor
Leisure Spa & Wellness CenterCebu CityParlor
Maanyag Spa and Pension HouseCebu CityParlor
Meddah SpaCebu CityParlor
Ming Thai SpaCebu CityParlor
Mont Albo Massage Hut (AC Cortes Mandaue Branch) Mandaue CityParlor
Mont Albo Massage Hut (Mactan Branch)Lapu-lapu CityParlor
Moonsai Massage SpaCebu CityParlor
Native Touch MassageCebu CityParlor
Nuat Thai (Gen. Maxilom Ave. Branch)Cebu CityParlor
Nuat Thai (Parkmall Branch)Cebu CityParlor
Nuat Thai (South Town Centre Branch)Cebu CityParlor
Olive Tree SpaCebu CityParlor
Penyu Wellness SpaCebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Pinoy Relaxing Massage CenterTalisay CityParlor
Pisil SpaCebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Prana MedispaCebu CityParlor
Queen B Massage & SpaCebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
Queen of Stone SpaCebu CityParlor
Reflexion Massage & SpaCebu CityParlor
Ruiz Derma & SpaCebu CityParlor
Saint Pedro Calungsod Patria de Cebu Alternative Healing CenterCebu CityParlor
Sawadee SpaLapu-lapu CityParlor
Senite Spa and MassageLapu-lapu CityParlor
Spavelous Massage TherapyCebu CityParlor
Tender SpaCebu CityParlor
Thai Boran (Mandaue Branch)Cebu CityParlor
Thai Boran (Minglanilla Branch)MinglanillaParlor
The Spa at CebuCebu CityParlor
Thewi ThaiCebu CityParlor
Ton Ton Thai MassageCebu CityParlor
Tree Shade Spa (Lahug Branch)Cebu CityParlor
Tree Shade Spa (Mactan Branch)Lapu-lapu CityParlor
Tsubo SpaCebu CityParlor
Vanity Leisure SpaMandaue CityParlor
Tulong Mo Tulong Ko Biyaya ng DiyosTabunokParlor
Gangnam Well Being SpaMandaue CityParlor
Sebo MassageCebu CityMaleOut-call
Kenkou Massage and SpaCebu CityParlor
MEGA Therapeutic and Wellness Center (Gen. Maxilom Ave. Branch)Cebu CityParlor
MEGA Therapeutic and Wellness Center (Mandaue Branch)Mandaue CityParlor
Cebu Masseurs 101Cebu CityMaleOut-call
Heide's Angel SpaMinglanillaParlor
Tea Leaf Wellness SpaNaga CityMale, FemaleParlor
Tina Massage and SpaCebu CityFemaleParlor
Bentosa Healing Massage and Spa (SRP Branch)Talisay CityMale, FemaleParlor
The Hilot SpaLapu-lapu CityFemaleParlor
EarthLife Wellness SpaCebu CityMale, FemaleParlor
D’Aviary Health Spa (Kasambagan Branch)Cebu CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Medifinger MassageCebu CityFemaleParlor
Massaji Oriental SpaTalambanFemaleParlor

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