Stress, non-stop calls, irate callers…these are just a few of the things that call center agents need to get used to, day in and day out, not to mention, graveyard shift agents. Albeit, one would assume that with the ‘bigger pay’, a call center agent must know how to adjust and adapt to a more stressful work environment. To that, call center agents would reply to, ‘…as long as there is a great way to de-stress…’. The answer to that is an hour or two at massage salons.

Lying face down on a bed, in the hands of a good masseuse, as she tries to ease the stress and remove the ‘panuhot’ is definitely the best way to let go of it all. There are several types of massages and while you choose what’s cheap, or what’s common, here are some tips on what to select for next time:

  • Swedish – uses long strokes. Uses circular motion and is more on kneading. This is good to help you relax and energize you after
  • Deep massage – more forceful strokes are used and its objective is to target deeper into the muscles to help remedy muscle tissue
  • Sports massage – as the name suggests, targets injuries by active people and is a bit similar to Swedish massage.
  • Trigger point massage – is a good massage to have for people whose stress digs deep to the muscle fibers thus forming tension

What’s important is to be aware of the health benefits you can get from getting a massage. Anxiety decreases, disorders in the body like digestive problems become better, headaches lessen, injuries that occur from constant sitting like soft tissue strains, parethesia, or the tingling, tickling, or prickling feeling that one gets when blood doesn’t circulate properly, to name a few.

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A good massage is quite challenging to find, especially in times like these when several types of massage parlors have sprouted like mushrooms. At the same time, you also get the feeling that while these massage parlors try to out-advertise each other and try to lower their rates by offering promos here and there, you give these different masseuse points for effort. After all, giving a massage to an individual, whether chubby or slim, is not easy. Not to mention, doing this for the entire shift they have to work in.

A massage is not just your ‘hilot’ that Filipinos are known to avail of should your ailment not heal after a trip to the doctor. A massage is a very big plus for call center agents and definitely a big perk when your company offers it as prize incentive for better performance.

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