My first Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation was a sample that came in with a starter kit. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try it because I have sworn not to use other products except powder foundation. You see, having oily and sensitive skin is like walking on tightrope. One simple mistake can lead to major catastrophes! And I mean breakouts. Now, here’s a liquid foundation that proved me wrong. How did a nit-picky person like me become a convert? Read on.

This liquid foundation comes only in a one size tube of 29 ml. The tube has a champagne color with a hint of sheen. This foundation has a runny consistency so you have to put it upside down, with the black cap on top, when not in use. It also sets fast so make sure to blend it immediately. There are four available shades in the Philippines that suit fair to medium dark skin. It is sold at PhP 785 each and can only be bought from Mary Kay Beauty Consultants.

The Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation is formulated for combination to oily skin. It has special microspheres that it says, “work all day to absorb oil and control shine without a heavy makeup look.” It also promises skin that has a matte finish with the appearance of pores visibly reduced. Aside from giving you a flawless look, this foundation is part of a line that specifically targets premature skin aging. TimeWise products are infused with Vitamin E and peptide mix, ingredients which fight aging.

So what makes this product so great?

  • First, it has a buildable coverage. I love that I can play with how light or heavy the application will be
  • Second, it is oil free which means it suits my oily skin
  • Third, it is suitable for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic
  • Fourth, its yellow base formula cancels out the redness of my skin
  • Fifth, it can act as concealer for dark under eyes and blemishes but with thicker coverage
  • Sixth, it is lightweight and feels like second skin
  • Seventh, it refines pores giving a flawless matte look

However, it needs to be set with powder to extend the matte-wear. Otherwise, oily skin will look shiny rather than dewy. What I only don’t like about this product is the packaging’s tendency to spill, so always store it upside down. Need I say that twice?

Most reviews say it is expensive. For me, I don’t mind paying PhP 785 if it’s worth the value. I commend Mary Kay for the research and scientific work put into it. I believe that excellent skin care is expensive so if you want the best, then Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation is worth the investment.

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  1. Where to buy this in Tacloban City? Kasi ung last bili ko nito was in cebu…so nahihirapan naman makakita nun dito sa tac..
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