Finding the perfect concealer has been the bane of my existence ever since I experienced the dreaded graveyard shift. Aside from the mountains of eye bags that seem to spring out of nowhere, my biggest skin problem when I’m in the graveyard shift are the horrifying dark circles that form around the eyes when I’ve had inadequate sleep. This is when a concealer comes in handy.

I bought my Mary Kay Concealer from a friend of mine who sells Mary Kay Beauty products. I chose the color ‘Ivory 1’ and it costs PhP 415.00. The concealer comes in a sleek black squeeze-out packaging and it’s very creamy, so you’ll need to carefully squeeze out just a little from the tube.  I wasn’t expecting much since I’ve basically given up on finding the perfect concealer. I just wanted to buy something from her. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this concealer is the best one I’ve tried yet!

There are many factors which makes this concealer my favorite amongst the many I’ve tried. First, the shade ‘Ivory 1’ is just perfect for my complexion. Second, the consistency is just right. It’s not uncomfortably sticky like some of the thicker concealers I’ve tried. Because of its lightweight consistency, it doesn’t make your skin appear cakey yet it provides enough coverage. Third and most importantly, it’s long-lasting!

Now, I have tried most of the concealers in the market and my biggest problem with them is that they wear out easily. Before half of the day is even over, the concealer is gone which is embarrassing for my skin imperfections. Not anymore! Mary Kay Concealer lasts the whole day and I don’t have to retouch once. It stays on your face so the things you wish to hide remain unseen.

Unfortunately, Mary Kay products are not available in malls or drugstores. You can purchase them directly from a ‘Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant’ only. If you don’t know one, just go to their website where they have a “Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Locator.” There, you can also check out an online catalogue of their products, complete with pictures and prices.

Mary Kay Concealer is indeed the best kept secret when it comes to cosmetics. I will definitely be using this product for a long time. I just wish I had found it sooner.

Image courtesy: micheatsandshops

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9 years ago

My friend has the same problem and she uses Almay products. Other than that, I don’t recall knowing any brands that are hypoallergenic. Thanks:)

9 years ago

I just wish I can try make ups like you. Na a-allergy kasi ako. Do you know of some brands na hypoallergenic? By the way, thanks for this informative post!

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