Who doesn’t love bite sized snacks? Whether you’re having a party or just wanted to grab something to eat, those little treats or what some call finger foods are perfect for everyone!

Besides white rice, bread in its many forms still make up a portion of our diet. From ensaymada, pan de coco, spanish bread to pan de sal, it is undeniable that these delectable breads have become a part of Filipino culture. We usually eat these breads as breakfast or snack, together with hot coffee or tea. But the one that won my heart is none other than cheese bread.

When I was young, the first time I tried cheese bread was so remarkable that it became my favorite since then. I expected to see a big chunk of cheese filling inside. I was kind of disappointed to find out that it was plain and doesn’t have filling at all. But when I tasted it, I realized that the cheese was actually on the surface.

When I worked on a graveyard shift in a known BPO company, I always make sure to grab a snack at the nearest 24 hour convenient store before heading to the office. There, I discovered Marby Cheese Bites! My childhood favorite in a bite sized pack. Each bag contains 10 pieces with a net weight of 120g. I instantly fell in love with the bread at first bite! Marby Food Corporation never failed to meet my expectations. They are well-known for creating delicious breads.

Marby Cheese Bites is so affordable. It only costs 2o pesos per pack. What is more interesting is what’s written on the label; 2 bags of the bread is equivalent to 2 glasses of milk. Who wouldn’t want this snack for their kids? The ingredients listed are flour, cheese, full cream milk, sugar, salt, shortening, butter, eggs, flavoring and yeast. Sounds pretty good for me.

Marby Cheese Bites is so tasty, milky and buttery. I like that it’s not too sweet compared to donuts and pastries. I can say that the taste is so addicting, you just can’t stop nibbling. You won’t feel hungry for long after finishing a pack.

For bread lovers, you got to try Marby Cheese Bites! This delicious and nutritious bite sized treat is a good snack both adults and kids.

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  1. My friend is now in Pinas and I requested for Marby cheese bread and cheesecake, out of stock in the supmkt .,
    Where can they go to buy and contact you to bring to New York USA
    Please contact me at FB as Marissa Esmeralda de Guzman/ (646) 207-1481
    I can give you the contact information of my friend coming from Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija.
    I love your cheese bread and cheesecake so much!💕
    Thank you and I appreciate your accommodation.

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