I used to prepare a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, water, crushed garlic, calamansi juice and black pepper to marinate our pork chop, chicken wings and thighs before. And when I had no enough time, I just dipped them in battered eggs and some mixture of flour, salt and pepper before frying. Now I do not have to prepare these mixtures anymore. I have found a very good alternative. Do you wonder what it is? It is Mama Sita’s Breading Mix!

I super like Mama Sita’s Breading Mix. It makes our fried chicken and pork chop more tasty! We no longer need to combine ‘this and that’ just to make a marinating or breading mixture and wait for many hours for the chicken or pork to thoroughly absorb the mixture. We do not need to worry about the taste too.

What makes Mama Sita’s Breading Mix unique from others is its special blend of herbs. It is a little spicy. It is not salty. I can taste its spices in every bite or slice of my fried chicken and pork chop. This means that its granules really sink in and coat the meat. Furthermore, it makes the fried chicken and pork chop irresistibly crispy.

What I also like about Mama Sita’s Breading mix is I can make many breaded dishes with it. Just name it and Mama Sita’s and I can make it. And I can prepare it without spending a lot of time and putting too much effort.  All I have to do is dip the meat in it and voila! I have a perfect breaded cuisine! I love making chicken strips and drumsticks with Mama Sita’s. I also use it to make delicious fried fish and prawns.

And the good news is Mama Sita’s Breading Mix is very affordable. It just costs 19.20 Php and is good for a kilo of meat. Imagine with just a twenty-peso bill, we can have a Max’s-like chicken. We do not have to go to an expensive restaurant just to have one.

I can say that Mama Sita’s Breading Mix brings out the exquisite flavor of foods. It adds a great flavor to all fried and breaded dishes.

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